Black Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Black And Asian!

While Black and Asian may not be the most popular mixing of races, it certainly produces some of the best looking, with all of the punchlines referring to dating nothing but Black and Asian women.  EXTREME  have decided to take a look at some of the most successful Black and Asian mixes. Chanel Iman, Cassie, Amerie, foxy brown,  Dwayne Johnson, Neyo, Pharrell Williams..etc…

















Long Live King B: Upstaged Poor Little Kelly Rowland Again!

It may have been Kelly Rowland’s party, but it turned into Beyoncé’s room. The sultry “Single Ladies” songstress took part in a Destiny’s Child reunion at the Top of the Standard on Tuesday night, but only after her former bandmates came to her. With her husband, Jay-Z, out on the West Coast, Beyoncé showed up at the Standard Hotel hot spot accompanied only by a security detail.

Upon her arrival around 1 a.m., Beyoncé’s bodyguards initially seemed to be leading her toward the back of the club where Rowland was celebrating the release of her third solo album, “Here I Am,” with the third member of Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams, and British pop star Estelle.

But then the script got flipped. Although the crowd had thinned considerably by the time Beyoncé arrived, her appearance caused quite a stir among the remaining revelers.

As a result, her handlers seemed to think better of ferrying Beyoncé through the clamoring crowd to the back of the room. Instead, they installed the diva in one of the club’s front banquettes and brought Rowland to her. The security detail also set about preventing anyone from snapping Sasha Fierce’s picture. One bodyguard went so far as to shine his flashlight in the faces of would-be shutterbugs.

When Rowland arrived at her former band-mate’s banquette, the two reunited with a very long hug. Before the reunited pop trio left the club together around 2 a.m., Rowland took to the microphone to thank those who’d attended, including singer Maxwell, model Jessica White, actress Tika Sumpter and Kanye West protégé Big Sean.

The deejay then played the first single from Rowland’s album, “Motivation,” and it lived up to its title. Beyoncé and Williams were soon singing and dancing along to the track before calling it a night.


Sounds of Afrobeats Bonus Episode ft. WizKid Album Launch (Hosted by BasketMouth)!

The show premieres today, August 17 in the UK on Hi-Tv Sky 204

Sounds of Afrobeats is an entertainment show that chronicles the journey of Afrobeats genre and African Pop Culture with interviews, exclusive access and behind the scenes footage of some of Africa’s biggest and emerging acts. The eight part series showcases the best of African Entertainment with music, comedy, interviews and exclusive footage from around the world. Just get busy…..its all about the weekend!


Its not nice when our African Artist are given what we call pre-award….whats the hell is that!!…BET AWARDS (Black Entertainment Television) was my favorite but after what they did to the African artist nominated, i was like what da ***….for does who won( dbanj and tuface) why where the awards not given in public during the time it was given to other artist who also won…..why was it give separately….? Kudos to Gracie Phoenix who tells us much more!

Bikini Beauties (Kylie & Kendall Jenner)!

They’re both easy on the eyes, and Kylie and Kendall Jenner were spotted out on the beach this past Monday.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” sisters sported fun and flirty two-piece bikinis as they made the most of the Malibu sunshine while shutterbugs snapped up pictures.

Check it out….







Hey ladies just keep having fun cos the summer does not last!




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What Has He Been Smoking? Whitney Houston Is Head Over Heels In Love With Tyrese!

We knew Tyrese was a lady killer, but damn word on the street is he has Whitney more sprung off him than she was on … well you know!

Despite WHITNEY HOUSTON’s ongoing battle against substance abuse and a career-threatening health problem, she’s found a new love –

AND she’s so crazy about him she’s already talking marriage!

The pop star, 47, has flipped for “Transformers” star TYRESE GIBSON, who’s just 32.

“They met four months ago, and Whitney’s already professing her love,” revealed a close pal.

Whitney and Tyrese were introduced on Valentine’s Day at a pre-Grammy party in Los Angeles thrown by music mogul Clive Davis – and Whitney was instantly attracted to Tyrese’s good looks and personality.

“After the party, Whitney called to ask him out,” continued the pal.

“Now they’re quietly dating!”


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 Checking through articles and i saw this…..WOW! and it starts like this…..If I was to tell you that D’Banj and Don Jazzy have been signed to Kanye West’s record label?’

‘Who doesn’t know? You are making it sound as if it was told to you exclusively. Every living thing within a 100 mile radius of planet earth knows by now, so stop making it sound like breaking news. Psewww.’

‘But have you seen the video of the signing ceremony, if one can call it that? Did you notice that Kanye had not had his bath? It did look very unprofessional, didn’t it? I mean, Kanye and his people looked like they were still wearing what they wore to bed the previous night, right?’

‘What does it matter what they wore and what they looked like? The important thing is that they have now signed our guys to one of the biggest hip hop outfits in the US. A lot of artistes would have given their left kidney to be signed by Kanye, even if it meant he was going to come to the contract signing ceremony butt naked. Hater oshi!’

‘Whatever. At least you can’t say that you didn’t see D’banj prancing about like a festive drumstick …rather childish really. Doing that annoying ‘I’m D’Banj, or Skibanj skit is burdensome, isn’t it? And he did look like he was getting on Kanye’s nerves, right? I thought I also heard the people in the room laughing, you know, like people laugh at circus monkeys or something…you did get that feeling too, right?

‘What nonsense feeling? It’s people like you that that spoil this country! Instead of being happy for the young men, you are spewing nonsense. Did you not see as Kanye was moving his head to the song? Sit down there and be hating o; the boys are hammering big time. They have Bentleys now and you have what? Answer me now, what do you have?! Nonsense.’

‘Ehn, man shall not live by Bentleys alone. And it was the beat Kanye was moving to, for as we know, D’Banj can’t sing.’

‘Did he tell you he was singer? He’s an entertainer, period! Why can’t an artiste be appreciated for what he is, rather than for what you people think he should be?!’

‘Perhaps that explains Wizkid’s album then…’

‘What’s wrong with Wizkid’s album?’

‘I didn’t say anything was wrong with it…just that he might also be an entertainer because he certainly can’t sing.’

‘Of course Wizkid can sing! What’s wrong with you?! He may have got some assistance from auto tune…well, maybe a lot of assistance, actually, but that’s hardly a crime? Besides, he’s barely out of his teens, what do you want from him, a musical cure for cancer? What were you doing with your life at his age?’

‘I am unimportant in this equation, and nothing you say can change my opinion that it is an album of choruses. A few lines make up a verse or something and then chorus takes over and ‘ye ye ye ye’ follows, 1000x. That annoying ‘ye ye ye ye’ thing, present everywhere! I’m sure he learnt it from Banky, you know, that his ‘Yaga yaga eh eh’ stuff. It’s an EME thing, isn’t it? What do you think Skales’ would be, ‘Ye ye yaga yaga’, right?

‘You are impossible to satisfy! Anyway, the young man has successfully launched his album and career…you will go grey hating on his success. Stay there. See your mouth like ‘ye ye ye ye

‘Oh, where you at the album launch? I hear it was a slightly classier version of a high school prom. I was told that parents came to drop their wards and the mothers had this kind of exchange:  ‘Ah Brenda’s mummy, you too brought Brenda?’ ‘Yes o, I see you brought Yvette too’.

‘Surely, you jest. Did you not see that bigwigs from the entertainment industry represented at the launch? You didn’t see the pictures on different blogs, right? I’m done with this conversation!’ I’m better off watching Big Brother.’

‘Oh, that reminds me: is the Nigerian guy still in the house?’

‘What Nigerian guy? There are two Nigerians in the house and they are both ladies.’

‘Really? I could have sworn that the yellow one with the husky voice, biabia and chicken legs was a guy!’

‘Karen is a lady. Okay, maybe not a lady in the generic sense but I think it is rather disingenuous of you to call her a guy, seeing that she does posses a rather prominent pair of boobs.’

‘Ah ah, I see why you’ve been watching BBA. But they are not hers; she bought them for £4,000, I’m told. Please let’s keep things in perspective.’

‘If she bought them, they belong to her, period. And she will buy more when she wins the prize. You, on the other hand, can only dream of that kind of money. Sad for you.’

‘Win fire! You think they would let her win? It’s amazing how naive you can be. You really don’t know how these things work.’

‘Stay there and be headstrong like plank nailed to a wall. I am done.’



‘Planking! Have you too been doing it?’

‘Are you serious? Do you really think that I will engage in such idiocy?! Do not attach my name to such a ridiculous act, please!’

‘I don’t think this issue deserves all this grammar you are blowing…if you don’t want to plank, don’t. But don’t say it’s idiotic just because you don’t appreciate it. That, is what is ridiculous my friend.’

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