Long Live King B: Upstaged Poor Little Kelly Rowland Again!

It may have been Kelly Rowland’s party, but it turned into Beyoncé’s room. The sultry “Single Ladies” songstress took part in a Destiny’s Child reunion at the Top of the Standard on Tuesday night, but only after her former bandmates came to her. With her husband, Jay-Z, out on the West Coast, Beyoncé showed up at the Standard Hotel hot spot accompanied only by a security detail.

Upon her arrival around 1 a.m., Beyoncé’s bodyguards initially seemed to be leading her toward the back of the club where Rowland was celebrating the release of her third solo album, “Here I Am,” with the third member of Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams, and British pop star Estelle.

But then the script got flipped. Although the crowd had thinned considerably by the time Beyoncé arrived, her appearance caused quite a stir among the remaining revelers.

As a result, her handlers seemed to think better of ferrying Beyoncé through the clamoring crowd to the back of the room. Instead, they installed the diva in one of the club’s front banquettes and brought Rowland to her. The security detail also set about preventing anyone from snapping Sasha Fierce’s picture. One bodyguard went so far as to shine his flashlight in the faces of would-be shutterbugs.

When Rowland arrived at her former band-mate’s banquette, the two reunited with a very long hug. Before the reunited pop trio left the club together around 2 a.m., Rowland took to the microphone to thank those who’d attended, including singer Maxwell, model Jessica White, actress Tika Sumpter and Kanye West protégé Big Sean.

The deejay then played the first single from Rowland’s album, “Motivation,” and it lived up to its title. Beyoncé and Williams were soon singing and dancing along to the track before calling it a night.



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