5 kinds of guys you should run away from ladies…

  • Don’t be desperate

I’m sure in this big world of ours, you encounter many men who try and talk to you. Why? Because you’re fabulous girl, that’s why! And as nice as it can be to meet and engage in conversation with an interesting man, these days you have to go through your share of hot messes to meet said interesting fellow. I guess that’s what makes dating interesting?. But if you encounter these kinds of guys in your everyday movements, no matter how long it has been since you’ve been wooed by a man (aka, you’re at a desperate point), do NOT, entertain them. Just run, preferably in the opposite direction. I mean it.


  • The Guy Who Wants to Be Your “Friend” So Bad

It’s one thing to pursue a person not knowing up front what their relationship status is, but once you know, any person should be mature enough to know when to step off if that individual has got a significant other. Even if they’re lying about it to be left alone. There’s nothing worse than telling a guy you have a boyfriend, hoping his pursuit of you will stop( i bet he won’t), only to have him bog you down with lines about how you should take his number so you can call him. That thirsty-ness to get in a woman’s life by any means necessary is not a good look. Tell him thanks, but no thanks.


  • The Late Night Body Snatcher

You know the one right? You’ll be walking down the street on your way back to your apartment, only to have a guy come out of the wall (not literally) from no where trying to talk to you. Nevermind the fact that he really can’t see you what you look like (only wants you in bed for a night). So if he’s asking for your number after two seconds of talking to you–which, may consisted of “whats up pretty?” and “i would really love to know you cos you look like the angel i saw in my dreams” chances are, if you were to give it, you’d only hear from him real late at night (booty call characteristics…seriously?) and you will probably hear from him within minutes of your first meeting. Run cos he wants to booty you for the night or next meeting..


  • The Gawker

Isn’t it the most uncomfortable thing when someone stares at you? but also it makes you want to know why he staring. It’s one thing to look, admire, and then go about your business, but it’s another to stare so hard (even when she look at you dead in your face) that she feel like you’re trying to suck out her soul. We all glance occasionally at people we find attractive, but there’s a mad creep factor to looking hard and looking for a long time, especially when you don’t plan on speaking. So if you peep out a guy doing this, give him the death face and I bet he’ll stop (dont be anxious to know why he stares cos trust me you might fall for him cos we men are really good at this).


  • The Guy Who Pressures You Into Taking His Number

Not proud to say that I’ve done this before. You know, as a dude you’re really interested in getting her by giving your number out in a playful and flirting ways so she can keep you in mind. Ladies know that you should never ever take a guy’s number you’re not feeling at all because he’s practically setting you up (trust me you are trapped). You might think you have the power by taking his digits, and that you can decide if you ever want to call and when you will. But if you take his number in your phone, he’s expecting you to now call HIS phone so that he can have your digits, and also so he knows the phone number he has for you is real. Don’t be a fool, because once they have your number, we guys are going to call and call…and call. Don’t think you are too big to fall cos you might just be wrong…


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