Communication is so important. So if you have a good back and forth phone relationship with your boo, good friends and family, then you should be proud and happy. Because there are too many people out here with phone plans who pick up the phone with nothing to say, offer two-word answers, text like 2 year olds, or fall asleep on the phone because they don’t want to be honest about the fact that they’re tired. You don’t have to be Six from “Blossom” talking a mile a minute, but at least be able to reciprocate the person on the end of your line. Take notes: these are a few things people do on the phone that they need to stop doing…


Calling With Nothing to Talk About

This could pertain to an actual phone call or even a random texting conversation. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s people who contact you and don’t have a thing to say. Unless you’re a child who isn’t used to holding conversations with people (you know those awkward silences you get when you talk to your nieces and nephews after they say some gibberish), you shouldn’t contact me or call my phone and only say “Wdup?” Or even worse, when I work hard to find something to chat about with you, you give me one word answers. Really? How about I just see you when I see you….You DIG!


When Texting, Disappearing Off of the Face of the Earth

I can totally understand when people get preoccupied with something and they have to get off the phone…but why not let somebody know that before you disappear off of the face of the earth? Seriously, it’s the weirdest thing ever to be texting back and forth with someone for more than 30 minutes (and responses are consistent between both parties) gassssh! and then all of a sudden there’s nothing…for the rest of the night. If you’re about to fall asleep or you are out/busy, trust, it never hurts to just say that. Because that’s a whole lot better than leaving folks wondering about what happened to you.


Going to the Bathroom on the Phone

You have to be REAL comfortable with folks to do this. And sorry, as much as I like a girl, I don’t want to hear that same girl letting loose all the water and juice she was drinking during the day. If you’ve got to go, at least play it cool to the point that I wouldn’t know you were relieving yourself until I realize the toilet flushed. But I don’t want to hear you in the act of a bowel movement trying to talk to me about how you miss me…believe me, it’s happened. And that IS NOT cute. Especially if I can’t tell through those same noises whether or not you washed your hands…LOLZ!



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