That statement has been on my mind since then, and I guess it moved me most during that time because I knew in my heart ladies keep playing back and forth games with a guy they should have left alone a loooooong time ago. But when you’re bored and don’t feel like being patient for the next man but some ladies do anyways, you start messing with that guy from the past. The one that still texts your phone just to say “hey” so that he can play games and try and make sure he’s still on your mind. Also known as checking on you for reasons that have nothing to do with true friendship, but just to be nosey and spit some game. For a hot second there you think its cool to talk with him again and overlook all his past faults and bulls**t and in time both of you could work things out. Truth was, within weeks he will be back on that bullsh**t again and the funny thing is, you knew it was going to happen.

There are many ladies out there who find their true love in their past relationship. People whose relationships fell apart but knew they were the best each other had. You know what happens–the one individual in the relationship who used to be an ass has an epiphany, and the other is able to accept them back into their lives because they know that there was something about that person they couldn’t get over. That’s a beautiful thing when people meant for each other stop playing games and get it right. The TRUTH is that if your not in love with the guy you are dating, and after all these years you really didn’t even like him much anymore and you are B-O-R-E-D. All you need is to cut it out. LIKE REALLY?

So to sum up and help you out in your dating game, here are a few signs you’re more bored than infatuated with a fella from your past and that you need to drop him…again:

  • As stated, he still does the same things that didn’t just work your nerves but caused problems back in the day.
  • Your conversations lose steam quick after a couple of phone calls.
  • Most of his texts seem like they’re done to check up on you rather than talk to you (“What you doin?” “Where u at?”)
  • You guys only talk at night…like late night…I know people have needs, but don’t be someone’s booty call girl! (*smile* but I’m serious)…

Always learn to be patient and move forward…ok LADIES!



  1. Oh and there’s another signal too.
    He’ll call you only when he needs emotional gratification. He’ll stick around till then. The moment he’s feeling good about himself, his phone’s battery will die or he’d have to go somewhere or the balance in his prepaid phone is over!

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