You really won’t like to sleep around. Would you? You’re not accepting dates with other guys but why? You’re seeing just one guy, almost every time. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready for something serious (really shaking….O MY GOD GAHSSS)! There is a difference between dating someone and completely melding your life with his. And when a man is thinking about marriage, or moving in together, or just making decisions with your relationship in mind, there are a few signs that tell him you’re not. Be careful ladies.

  • You sleep at home

Everyone needs few nights alone every week. But, you become stressed at the idea of not being in your own home where you can have your own items, your own space and your own routine right there, that tells him you’re not ready to make adjustments to allow another person into your life. The question is, does it count? Hell yea it does!

  • Most of your friends are single

Or lets say you have couple friends, but you rarely hang out with them. That tells him you don’t identify with “coupledom.” You don’t want to hear about the things couple do together. But if you’re in your own relationship, and you don’t want to hear about the relationships of others, it says to your man that subconsciously you see yourself as being single.

  • He can’t get your attention

He can’t keep your attention for an entire night without you pinging on your BB or phone call from friends. Each romantic, intimate date he plans for the two of you always end up on a boring state of mind.

  • You don’t share your feelings with him

You don’t go into much detail about stress at work, or changes in your family. You don’t share your emotions, how you feel about him and what makes him special. Share your feelings and be with him whenever you are chanced but without all these, you don’t want to let him support you by taking on those feelings with you.

Be careful ladies and learn to trust your Man!


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