Top 11 Countries with the Hottest Women

We have no choice but to make this eleven, giving us personal reasons for expatriating. Girls all around the world in this generation are just too HOT and we need ICE so we won’t go insane with these lovely creatures….

Just for you folk, we’ve assembled a list of the top countries with the hottest HONEY MELONE!

11. Spain

The beautiful women just seem to line up in Spain. Those splendid Mediterranean tans tend to help too and so do the nude beaches.

10. South Africa

There are few places where you’ll see such a wide variety of beautiful women that’ll suite anyone’s particular fancy, South Africa is one of them. And they come with a lovely English accent too.

9. Czech Republic

Top models seem to come from the Czech Republic like wildfire these days. And anyone who’s taken even a leisurely stroll through Prague would have to be blind not to have noticed.

8. Nigeria

Just a lil taste and mouth watering country, producing one of the best HONEY PIES in the world, all for Nigeria..

7. Iran

Persian women are some of the most beautiful, strongest willed in the world, though unfortunately often overlooked due to the shroud still lingering over women’s rights in nations like Iran.

6. Croatia

Italian women get a lot of well-deserved looks, but the ladies of Croatia are the true gems of the Adriatic.

5. India

India has a deep, storied history and women of legendary beauty.

4. Sweden

Tall, blond and blue-eyed is just not enough for these beautiful SWEETY SWEETIES in Sweden…

3. Hungary

Eastern European countries are popular on this list, and Hungary sits at the crossroads of them all. Can you believe that? All the best traits of Eastern European women mix perfectly and find just the right balance in Hungary.

2. Japan

Asia has no shortage of beautiful women, though they may get no cuter than in Japan.

1. Brazil

 Everyone just seems to be beautiful in Brazil. Undoubtedly, it’s just a country to be if you’re looking for the hottest women in the world.


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