The New 2012 BMW 6 Series In One Voice!

BMW has released new 2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe which comes with innovative design language. 2012 BMW 6 Series was annauced first time at the 2010 Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris, showcases the experience the brand has acquired in more than 70 years of building sporty and elegant coupes.

It also paves the way for a new, aesthetically powerful and dynamic interpretation of this breed of vehicle. With the BMW Concept 6 Series Coupe, the German premium carmaker is presenting a new definition of luxury-class 2+2-seater driving enjoyment and exclusiveness.

 The interior of the BMW 6 Series Auto conveys functionality, breeding and exclusiveness. The chatty curve and bland transitions in the cockpit breadth, aftermath an ambient that extends to the accomplished interior, all-embracing both the front- and the rear-seat occupants.
The interior is dominated by the large 10.2 inch display that reveals the latest infotainment system from BMW. Framed by a chrome plated frame, the flat-screen takes a more upright position, in contrast to the built-in approach we have seen in previous models.
The driver-centric autogenous architecture is archetypal of BMW and a authentication of a sports coupe. The concept version features the high-end sound system developed specifically for BMW by Bang & Olufsen, but the production version will not currently offer this option. Other changes from the concept to the production vehicle include a new set of wheels and side mirrors, along with different interior trims and upholstery.
When the car debuts in the U.S. with the 650i model, the base price will most likely fall around the $90,000 mark.

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