Stop Singing, It’s Just Gabage!

Back in the day, singers are really good, knowing what music is all about and I’m sure if they couldn’t, someone would have told them to sit down( SMILING). But in this new era of music, where you’re no longer trying to sell your voice but your self  in too-little designer clothes, just about anybody can claim to be a singer. Well, you might claim it, but babyboo, that doesn’t make it so. Here are some folks that I think are great people, but should leave singing responsibilities to the real singers out here !



Well, of course. The lil miss sunshine is known more for her foot-tapping jams then her voice. It’s pretty paper thin. Thinner than one-ply toilet paper. I think she just needed some more feeling and soul in her tracks. But after hearing “Run This Town” with ‘Ye and Jay-Z, she sealed her singing fate. Almost broke my car windows on that song…lol!



Pharrell Williams

I love this guy in terms of styles and personality. But it took me a few years to come to the conclusion that if he really thinks he can sing, he’s got to be playing crazy. His vocals can sound okay one second and then creepy the next.




This girl could teach me how to do the matrix any day, but if she offered to sing something for me live, I’d probably pass on that. I’ve always thought that she sings in that fake voice we all have. Maybe that’s why her career hasn’t been as successful as it could have been, aside from the dancing, she isn’t bringing much to the table TRUST ME!




That Diddy-Dirty Money album wasn’t bad. Getting other R&B singers like Trey Songz and Chris Brown to perform on his songs might just be Diddy’s best move, because when he tries to harmonize himself, it’s like me trying to make some noise on the MIC. Let’s just be real, he should have spent less time pretending to sing and rap and let the ladies of that group have more time to shine cos their voices were definitely worth hearing.



Nicki Minaj

For the most part, Nicki spends more time rapping really fast and saying things like, “I’m a star: SHERIFF’S BADGE,” and “If you could turn back time: CHER,” in really loud and charismatic voices (keyword: voices). But every once and again, she tries her hand at singing. Pretty CUTIE buddy stop wasting those  expensive equipment cos when you get  folks on stage she sounds horrible, just HORRIBLE.  Too bad her voice wounds up sounding like someone out of breath who just got hit in the nose. WOOWW!


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