We Bring You The Lincoln MKZ Concept!

Ford is desperate to transform Lincoln into the great American luxury brand it once was, going so far to establish a crack team to focus specifically on turning around Lincoln’s woes as well as spending $1 billion on the development of up to seven new or refreshed models to be launched between now and 2014. We’ll get our first look at the bold new design Lincoln is planning on the production 2013 MKZ due at April’s New York Auto Show.



However, a preview of the look was presented earlier this month at the Detroit Auto Show in the form of the MKZ Concept.Lincoln’s new chief designer Max Wolff describes the look as “elegant simplicity”. The focus of this style is a move away from traditional luxury, with an emphasis on warmer and less complex designs.


So far we like what we’ve seen though we’ll have to wait a few more months to see if the concept’s clean lines can be transferred to the production car. Lincoln is keeping very tight with information pertaining to the new 2013 MKZ, though we know that it will share its platform with the recently revealed 2013 Ford Fusion and the European Ford Mondeo.


We expect gasoline and hybrid powertrains, plus a V-6 option to help differentiate the MKZ from the Fusion. Other items we should see on the production model are the concept’s retro push-button transmission (last seen on a Lincoln in the 1950s), LCD touch-screen and the MyLincoln Touch interface, and that sweet panoramic glass sunroof.


Is Jealousy The Real Reason Behind Seal And Heidi Divorce?

Sucker Seal and his nothing a$$ career was the blame for the split between him and his German wife Heidi Klum:

Seal’s jealous rages drove a terrified Heidi Klum from their bed, say sources, as the super-model jettisoned her hubby of six years. That’s the shocking real reason be­hind the collapse of the union that was thought to be one of Hollywood’s happiest, insiders say. “The split had actually been coming for years and poor Heidi was the one who had to hold the marriage together,” re­vealed a source. “The bottom line is that Seal is incredibly jealous of his wife’s success.

“His career has been off the radar for years while Heidi’s star continues to skyrocket.” The 38-year-old “Project Runway” host reportedly earned a stag­gering $20 million last year. Meanwhile, Seal – who was busted for drugs and promot­ing prostitution while a struggling singer in London in the 1980s – had his biggest hit, the Grammy-winning ballad “Kiss from a Rose,” way back in 1995.

“Heidi told Seal that he didn’t even have to work, and she’d be happy with him just looking after their kids,” said the source. “But Seal didn’t want to play Mr. Mom, and they had huge knock-down, drag-out fights over it. “Heidi hoped that Seal’s role as husband and fa­ther would take the edge off his greed and envy. She was constantly telling him how important he was to her and the children. “But instead of gratitude, he repaid her kindness with furious arguments and embarrassing tantrums.”

The couple had their final blowup during the week after New Year’s when Heidi was filling in the family calendar for 2012 and Seal exploded, according to the source. “He really hit the roof,” said the source. “They argued for two full days before Heidi decided to call it quits.

“She told a friend, ‘I just can’t take it anymore. I never know which Seal I’ll be coming home to – the lov­ing husband and father or the raving madman who resents anything I do.’”

Can You Stop Listening To This? Don’t Think So!

This joint was meant to be for the valentıne lovers and was suppose to drop on the Valentines’ Day but somehow ……. Here’s what should be Davido’s 3rd official single “Ekuro”. and trust me the ladies already love this.

Here’s a message from Davido’s management.

“Ekuro was meant to be a valentine gift from Davido to his fans. We didn’t plan on it being out by now, this is not even the official version. It’s not a single. Davido’s 3rd single will however be dropping in a few weeks. Watch out for more Davido material!”

Burna Boy

Burna boy ıs gonna make ıt bıg this year and gonna perform live in Cyprus on 1ST OF FEBRUARY. COME PARTY WITH BURNA BOY.. check out the song below!

Terry G

Terry G just can’t stop bringing out  more materials. it’s not certain what “Bregedige” means but I believe his fans will relate to it as usual. Listen below.

2012 Academy Award Nominees Announced!

The Nominees for the 84th Annual Academy Awards were announced yesterday. There weren’t many surprises, but there will be a few tight races to watch when the show airs next month.

Hugo” was nominated for eleven awards, including Best Director for Martin Scorsese and Best Picture. “The Artist” followed with ten nominations, also for Best Director and Best Picture. “Moneyball” and “War Horse” both got six, and “The Descendants” and “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” got five.

 All eyes will be on Hollywood for film’s biggest night and it’s definitely going to be an amazing show!

In the major categories: 

Actress In A Supporting Role

Bérénice Bejo (The Artist)
Jessica Chastain (The Help)
Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids)
Janet McTeer (Albert Nobbs)
Octavia Spencer (The Help)

Actor In A Supporting Role

Kenneth Branagh (My Week with Marilyn)
Jonah Hill (Moneyball)
Nick Nolte (Warrior)
Christopher Plummer (Beginners)
Max von Sydow (Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close)

Actress In A Leading Role

Glenn Close (Albert Nobbs)
Viola Davis (The Help)
Rooney Mara (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady)
Michelle Williams (My Week with Marilyn)

Actor In A Leading Role

Demián Bichir (A Better Life)
George Clooney (The Descendants)
Jean Dujardin (The Artist)
Gary Oldman (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)
Brad Pitt (Moneyball)

Best Picture

The Artist (Thomas Langmann, Producer)
The Descendants (Jim Burke, Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor, Producers)
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (Scott Rudin, Producer)
The Help (Brunson Green, Chris Columbus and Michael Barnathan, Producers)
Hugo (Graham King and Martin Scorsese, Producers)
Midnight in Paris (Letty Aronson and Stephen Tenenbaum, Producers)
Moneyball (Michael De Luca, Rachael Horovitz and Brad Pitt, Producers)
The Tree of Life (Nominees to be determined)
War Horse (Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy, Producers)


See the full list of nominees here!


Video Of The Week ( Gray Jon’z ft Hayo Niel)

PXC Records presents it’s official debut of it’s Artistes, GRAY JON’Z and HAYO NIEL to the Nigerian entertainment scene. The video was shot and directed by the award winning director, Mex of Pixel Chaos Digital who also directed videos like Mi’s Safe, Djinee’s Overkilling and Dipp’s Pop off Selecta. Mi O Ran Yan is sweet, simple and classy, and this is just a teaser to what the seasoned producer ,writer, rapper and vocalist, Gray Jon’z, has in store.

Flavour N’abania – Nigeria Ebezina (Fuel Subsidy Removal Cry)

We all heard the song and the video few days ago which is titled “Ebezina”, Flavour’s plea for the heartless removal of fuel subsidy by the Nigerian government to be reversed. Beautiful song and nice tune….


Five Ways Of New You..

In days, we stand at the treshold of the unknown before us lies a New Year with hope of taking possession of it. Who knows what we will find? What New Year experience or changes that will come our way? Inspite of all the uncertainty before us, people still make New Year resolutions and most times they don’t keep them.  We have five ways of doing this.


1.  Say goodbye to the old you:

Take a step down memory line when you were so in love with your self , when you were least affected by the happenings and changes of life. Taking the great part and extract the bad by puting  it to where it belongs. That good part is the New Year and the old you is left behind.


2.  You have to get over and done with regret:

All kinds of regrets dwelling from the past is not gonna change anything. The power to forgive is so incredible that it has power to lead to a better and healthier you. We can not edit our past, but we can let go and have a new start to something better.


3.  Reinvent your current self:

You will need to change what people are use to knowing you for and if they can’t respect your evolution, then they don’t need to translate with you to the New Year.


4. The new you:

You need to understand your self as a changed person, the earlier you realize that and accept it, then you will be able to define what you want and stand for. Having changed, only then can people around you see the difference.


5. Explore:

Whatever happens in 2012, let your life look good and do good to people around you. A New Year, New Day, New You with great opportunities and a start over.

Guys its time to move ON!


Written By linmorotha.