Five Ways Of New You..

In days, we stand at the treshold of the unknown before us lies a New Year with hope of taking possession of it. Who knows what we will find? What New Year experience or changes that will come our way? Inspite of all the uncertainty before us, people still make New Year resolutions and most times they don’t keep them.  We have five ways of doing this.


1.  Say goodbye to the old you:

Take a step down memory line when you were so in love with your self , when you were least affected by the happenings and changes of life. Taking the great part and extract the bad by puting  it to where it belongs. That good part is the New Year and the old you is left behind.


2.  You have to get over and done with regret:

All kinds of regrets dwelling from the past is not gonna change anything. The power to forgive is so incredible that it has power to lead to a better and healthier you. We can not edit our past, but we can let go and have a new start to something better.


3.  Reinvent your current self:

You will need to change what people are use to knowing you for and if they can’t respect your evolution, then they don’t need to translate with you to the New Year.


4. The new you:

You need to understand your self as a changed person, the earlier you realize that and accept it, then you will be able to define what you want and stand for. Having changed, only then can people around you see the difference.


5. Explore:

Whatever happens in 2012, let your life look good and do good to people around you. A New Year, New Day, New You with great opportunities and a start over.

Guys its time to move ON!


Written By linmorotha.


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