Is Jealousy The Real Reason Behind Seal And Heidi Divorce?

Sucker Seal and his nothing a$$ career was the blame for the split between him and his German wife Heidi Klum:

Seal’s jealous rages drove a terrified Heidi Klum from their bed, say sources, as the super-model jettisoned her hubby of six years. That’s the shocking real reason be­hind the collapse of the union that was thought to be one of Hollywood’s happiest, insiders say. “The split had actually been coming for years and poor Heidi was the one who had to hold the marriage together,” re­vealed a source. “The bottom line is that Seal is incredibly jealous of his wife’s success.

“His career has been off the radar for years while Heidi’s star continues to skyrocket.” The 38-year-old “Project Runway” host reportedly earned a stag­gering $20 million last year. Meanwhile, Seal – who was busted for drugs and promot­ing prostitution while a struggling singer in London in the 1980s – had his biggest hit, the Grammy-winning ballad “Kiss from a Rose,” way back in 1995.

“Heidi told Seal that he didn’t even have to work, and she’d be happy with him just looking after their kids,” said the source. “But Seal didn’t want to play Mr. Mom, and they had huge knock-down, drag-out fights over it. “Heidi hoped that Seal’s role as husband and fa­ther would take the edge off his greed and envy. She was constantly telling him how important he was to her and the children. “But instead of gratitude, he repaid her kindness with furious arguments and embarrassing tantrums.”

The couple had their final blowup during the week after New Year’s when Heidi was filling in the family calendar for 2012 and Seal exploded, according to the source. “He really hit the roof,” said the source. “They argued for two full days before Heidi decided to call it quits.

“She told a friend, ‘I just can’t take it anymore. I never know which Seal I’ll be coming home to – the lov­ing husband and father or the raving madman who resents anything I do.’”


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