Video Of The Week (Bobby V. – 3 AM)

Bobby V goes under the sheets in the seductive video for “3 AM,” a cut off his “Vitamin V” mixtape and “V-Day” EP. The R&B crooner wines and dines his blonde date before they head to the bedroom for a night of passion. See the sexy visual now.


15 Hottest Swimsuit Models in Sports!

Swimsuit photo shoots have always dominated the sports world, as beautiful models, athletes and WAGs have scratched and clawed for that extra bit of attention. And thankfully, times aren’t close to changing.

While Sports Illustrated may host the best swimsuit talents, there are other sports beauties who also shined on the beach. Let’s take a look at the 15 hottest swimsuit models in sports today.

Grab that sunscreen, the heat can get intense.

15.  Larissa Riquelme

After she rose to prominence during the 2010 FIFA World Cup by storing a Nokia cell phone in her frontal gap and cheering like a crazed baboon, it became clear that Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme would do anything for an extra bit of attention. She is HOT!!

14. Laura Cavender

The Lingerie Football League is a dangerous place, featuring hard hits, seductive stares and unholy photo shoots. Pigskin and women, it doesn’t quite get any better.

13.  Melanie Collins

When she’s not interviewing athletes or putting NHL boyfriend Scottie Upshall to bed, sexy reporter Melanie Collins is seemingly improving her portfolio. All she needs is a body of water, a camera and security!

12.  Malia Jones

prinkled with Hawaiian, Spanish-Filipino, German and English descent, beautiful surfer Malia Jones gives the swimsuit scene a new flavor that we’re excited to try.

11.  Kim Glass

While she’s obviously experienced, it’s Kim Glass’ height that has us inspired. Hovering around 6’3″, the volleyball star literally towers over her competition.

10.  Kristi Leskinen

Snow can’t stop freestyle skier Kristi Leskinen from sporting sexy beach attire. Considering she was the first woman to complete a rodeo-720, we’d expect nothing less.

9. Selita Ebanks

Yea, we know  she only appeared in the 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but Selita Ebanks has been around the sports world for quite a bit and looks amazing in a two-piece.

The Cayman Island-born model has been mentioned with Osi Umenyiora and Ryan Howard, yet it’s her beach outings that keep us interested.

8. Julie Henderson

From 2007 to 2010, Julie Henderson was a mainstay in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Since then she’s tried being a WAG (Aaron Rodgers), attempted the commercial industry and added to her photographic resume with sexy beach shots.

All we can ever concentrate on is connecting the freckles on her face.

7.  Jessica White

Having appeared in every Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue from 2004 to 2011 (except the 2006 edition), Jessica White is obviously experienced.

It’s easy to see why she loves the beach so much, considering White hails from frigid Buffalo, New York.

6. Ana Ivanovic

Oh we love Ana Ivanovic’s aggressiveness on-and-off the court. The former World No. 1 Serbian tennis player clearly dominates with the racket (307 career singles wins), but it’s her confident aura on camera that has us nodding with approval.

Her natural ability can’t be stifled.

5. Brooklyn Decker

Someone has to keep neurotic Andy Roddick tame, and nobody seems more qualified than Brooklyn Decker. She is a double-decker skyscraper among a collection of brownstones.

4. Kate Upton

The beautiful cover model of this year’s Sports Illustrated issue…But let’s not forget Kate Upton’s memorable appearance on last season’s edition, when she won Rookie of the Year.

Upton’s iconic beauty mark, ridiculous inability to deny a relationship with Mark Sanchez and sexy figure continue to cement her name in the record books.

3. Abbey Clancy

Possibly the sexiest soccer WAG known to man, English model Abbey Clancy has a breathtaking ability to please the crowd that never ceases to amaze us.

Her relationship with lanky adulterer Peter Crouch, however, never fails to perplex us.

2. Bar Refaeli

After becoming the first Israeli model to appear in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (2007), Bar Refaeli seemingly had her sights set on her next endeavor.

Acquiring the cover spot of the 2009 edition was a step in the right direction.

1. Arianny Celeste

Our personal favorite perhaps, molds were broken and records shattered in the creation of Arianny Celeste.

There are few magazines this sexy ring girl hasn’t posed for, as well as few poses that don’t cause a frenzy.

She is perfection!

Top 5 Most Awaited Gadgets!

Technology is making our lives easier and more comfortable. On the other hand, it has also become a huge business for investors. Geeks flock to stores at every new release and sometimes wait up to 5 days outside shops to buy the latest phones or devices. The hype created for awaited gadgets and devices from major brands around the world, fueled by rumors and leaked photos, drive fanatics as well as casual buyers crazy with excitement and anticipation. 2011 has already seen some very big releases from Apple and Samsung. However, there are still some gadgets people are desperate to get their hands on. Following is the list of top 8 most awaited gadgets.

5. Apple Ipod touch (5th generation)

After adding every possible feature in their Apple Ipod touch 4th generation including a touchscreen with a dazzling display, people thought that the Ipod had finally reached its pinnacle and could get no better. Well, they were wrong. Rumors have started circulating the web about a new soon to be released Ipod. A connection toggle switch has been added as evident by the leaked photos.

The connected status will be very useful for communication and entertainment alike. Another plus point is that this dual core A5 powered gadget can compete with the majority of smart phones in gaming as well as other apps. These new features are bound to push up the prices of the next Ipod Touch but that is something we will have to wait and see.

4. Amazon Tablets and Amazon Kindle 4
Amazon’s Kindle is already a world wide hit and can be safely stated as the best selling wireless e-book reader in the world. Over the years it has constantly developed and has evolved into a high tech gadget with over 900,000 online and offline books available. The variety and availability of content for the Kindle has made it a sure winner.
However, the global scenario took a turn when Apple released its tablets which have taken over almost 90% of the tablet market. Giants like HP and Motorola came up with their own versions but failed to catch the public’s eye. Amazon strategically has held back release of its newer Kindle as well as a brand new line of tablets.  The much awaited Amazon Android tabletsare also to be launched in 7″ and 10.2″ models. They are named Coyote and Hollywood for the time being.
3. Windows 8 PCs
Microsoft and its Windows operating systems have always been in a love-hate relationship with its users. Although a sizable amount of users have migrated to Mac and other OS, Microsoft still dominates the market as well as the PCs of the majority of commercial and local setups. With the release of its latest operating system known as Windows 8 just around the corner, various screen shots and beta builds have constantly been leaked somehow to eager people waiting to get their hands on this latest milestone.
Prominent features include a Ribbon interface with heavy use of Aero and brand new task manager features as well as other updated readers. The fact that Windows 8 can even be used as a portable OS installed on a USB has opened up countless new applications for this release. Currently it is the third most awaited technology of 2011.
 2. Xbox 720
Finally coming to a decision, Microsoft has decided to go public with the news of development of the Xbox 360′s successor, namely the Xbox 720.Landing on the second spot of the Top 10 most awaited gadgets list, it is sure to be loaded with features like high definition 3D features, multiple sensors for precision motion control, unrivaled graphics capability and an even faster game play. AI and physics of the next generation games under development for the Xbox 720 are said to be years ahead of others.
Only a touchscreen controller seems to be lacking as all other competitors are sure to include this feature. Thanks to DirectX technology, Microsoft claims that normal game play will sport graphics and visuals no less than those seen in James Cameron’s epic “Avatar”! With such a huge claim of Xbox 720 capabilities, we are eagerly looking forward to its unveiling in the E3 2012.
1. Iphone 5
The number 1 spot of the Top 10 upcoming gadgets goes to none other than the well loved and much prized Apple Iphone. With the 4th generation doing phenomenal business everywhere, a new Iphone story has emerged. The reason Iphone is the most awaited upcoming gadget is that so little is known about it. With Retina Display and Face time as regular features, it is bound to also have PSD, Apples latest patented technology which is basically an anti-fingerprint technology.
A projector integration may be in the making too. As regarding the shape, pictures seem to show a much thinner and partly teardrop shaped phone with a wider home button than the previous versions. Apple has really kept the lid on this one as not even the carriers have been notified of any development regarding these devices.
Lastly, it is being claimed that this 4″ gadget will come out in black and white colors. Until apple officially makes any announcement, we will have to make do with all we can get our hands on and wait of the day when we can at least preorder our own Iphone 5!

Is Brizzy And RiRi Back Together?

Well, those two crazy kids finally did it…

Rihanna and Chris Brown finally dropped their songs together – “Birthday Cake” and “Turn Up The Music” – and they set the internet on fire! If you think these are just meaningless songs then you’re out of your mind. Rih Rih and Breezy may have been sending each other some pretty personal messages on these songs.

We here did some heavy listening and we think we caught all the secret and not-so-secret references. Take a look and add some, too!

Rihanna – Birthday Cake

Bet you wanna put your name on it
Put your name on it
Come and put your name on it

Put your name on it? What name? you mean like a tattoo? Like the one Breezy got of his girl?

Breezy – Birthday Cake

Girl I wanna f*** you right now (right now)
Been a long time, I’ve been missing your body

We bet he does miss her…

Rihanna – Birthday Cake

Ooh baby, I like it
You’re so excited
Don’t try to hide it
I’mma make you my b****

We think they’re past the point of “trying to hide it” don’t you think?

Chris Brown – Birthday Cake

Ain’t new to this but you the s***
Damn, girl you pretty

..we know you aren’t for sure!

Rihanna – Birthday Cake

Remember how you did it?
Remember how you fit it?
If you still wanna kiss it
Come, c-come and get it

…No too much details, we remember all that.

Chris Brown And Rihanna – Turn Up The Music

I can see it in your eyes
You want a piece of me
So let’s do it tonight and do whatever it takes to make it right

Is making a song together “doing whatever it takes”.

Rihanna – Turn Up The Music

I love you baby!

You can hear her say this at the end of the song…smooth move, Rih Rih.

Mercedes S600 Apple Car by Brabus!

At the intersection of high performance and cutting-edge technology is the fully customized Mercedes S600 by Brabus.


Tricked out with the latest Apple gear and capable of a top speed of 340 km/h (211 mph), this miniature office on wheels is the pinnacle in luxury sedans.


The centerpiece of the system is an ultra-small Mac minicomputer safely housed under the rear shelf in an electrically deployed drawer whose design mirrors the design of the computer itself.


Two iPads in the rear compartment not only play movies, music and Internet content, they also control all functions of the S-Class command system (e.g., navigation, radio, telephone, etc.)


The music comes from a 64GB Apple iPod touch that can store more than 14,000 songs.



– While on the move the two tablet computers and the Bluetooth keyboard can be safely secured in precisely fitting recesses in the luxurious BRABUS rear tables.

– The table tops are covered with the same exclusive leather as the entire interior and are bordered by high-gloss aluminum frames.

– The tables are electrically deployed from special BRABUS seatback consoles and are infinitely adjustable to any angle. They offer ample space for perusing documents, the Apple mouse and keyboard.



– The four-seater based on the Mercedes S 600 reaches a top speed of 340 km/h (211 mph).
– It is powered by a BRABUS SV12 R Biturbo 750 12-cylinder engine with a rated power output of 750 hp (740 bhp) / 552 kW.
– It has a peak torque of 1,350 Nm (995 lb-ft).



The BRABUS iCar is built to order and can be combined with any engine variant from the S350 to the S65. Alternatively any existing current S-Class model can be equipped with the innovative multimedia system and all other BRABUS options.


8 Players Who Should Earn Their First Tournament Wins in 2012!

For obvious reasons, tennis media is currently revolving around the top-ranked men and women of the sport. That doesn’t mean we should forget about the rest of the tour, though. Plenty of players, young and old, are currently on the rise in the ATP and WTA circuits.

Tennis, like all sports, has proven to be very unpredictable throughout its history, with veterans and youngsters alike suddenly emerging from the bottom of the rankings due to impressive victories. It all starts with their very fist tournament wins.

In this slideshow, I have pointed out a few players that have proved their potential in the past, but haven’t won any titles in their respective tours (ATP or WTA). All of these players can hope to see their first tournament wins in 2012.


8. Shuai Peng

With the way Shuai Peng played in 2011, it seemed as though she had been around as a strong player for quite a while.

In reality, though, 2011 was her first Top-20 season. Some may wonder how she managed to reach No. 17 in the rankings without winning her first tournament. The answer is simple: by falling just short so many times.

Peng’s 2011 season saw one final, four semifinals and six quarterfinals. She also reached a career-best fourth round in three of the four Grand Slams. Assuming Peng learns to capitalize on these various opportunities, she should be able to win her first tournament this season.



7. Grigor Dimitrov

Having finished 2011 at number 76 in the ATP rankings, Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov is currently the third youngest player in the Top 100 (20 years old, behind Harrison and Tomic).

Although he did not manage to reach any finals or semifinals in 2011, he proved himself as a solid all-surface player by reaching a quarterfinal on each of the three main court types (grass, clay and hard).

Players like him can often end up successful in today’s game, where so many players focus on just one surface. Dimitrov hasn’t seen much success yet, but 2012 could very well be his breakout yea



6. Christina McHale

Christina McHale is right up there with Stephens as one of the top American prospects for the women’s tennis world. At only 19 years old, she is currently ranked number 38 on the WTA tour.

McHale has pulled off quite a few upsets recently, including wins over former world No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki in Cincinatti, Marion Bartoli in the 2011 U.S. Open and Lucie Safarova in the 2012 Australian Open

By proving herself against some of the top players in the women’s game, McHale has shown the talent that she has to offer. We can expect to see her first title in 2012.



5. Fabio Fognini

Fabio Fognini has been one of the top Italians in tennis for a while now. Even though Italy hasn’t seen much success in the ATP’s recent history, Fognini has put them on the map with a few solid Grand Slam appearances.

In 2010, the 24-year-old Italian reached the third round of two Grand Slams (French Open and Wimbledon), and in 2011 he appeared in a Roland Garros quarterfinal. He also saw his first Top-50 appearance in 2011, and a career-high rank of 32 in June.

Although he is too old to be considered a future star, he definitely has the potential to win a solid amount of tournaments throughout his career, and it may start in 2012.



4. Sloane Stephens

Currently the youngest player in the WTA Top 100, Sloane Stephens is one of the top American prospects in the women’s game. Having made her Top 100 debut in 2011, don’t be surprised if she makes some noise in 2012.

Stephens impressed the tennis world in the 2011 U.S. Open by making the third round, taking down the 23-seed, Shahar Peer in the process. American fans can hope to see some late-round action and a first tournament win this season.



3. Donald Young

Back in 2005, he was the top-ranked junior in the world, and he was expected to rise quickly as a star. Unfortunately, his professional career (which began at a very young age, in 2004), has not seen much success yet.

However, at his current age of 22, he can hope to win his first ATP tournament during the 2012 season. In 2011, he saw his first ATP final (Bangkok) and his best Grand Slam appearance at the U.S Open, where he reached the fourth round after upsetting Juan Ignacio Chela and Stanislas Wawrinka.

Whether or not Young will become a top player soon remains a mystery, but 2012 should be a good year for the rising American!



2. Bernard Tomic

Arguably the best prospect in all of tennis right now is Australian Bernard Tomic. So much hype has surrounded the 19-year-old in recent seasons that some may be surprised to hear he hasn’t won an ATP tournament yet.

Based on his impressive showing “Down Under” to kick off the season, where he defeated Fernando Verdasco after dropping the first set, and later Alexandr Dolgopolov in another five-setter, it seems as though Tomic is ready to win a few ATP titles.

2012 will most likely be the year that he takes his first.



1. Ryan Harrison

American tennis is in desperate need of a new star, and it shouldn’t need to look much further than 19-year-old Ryan Harrison. Not only is Harrison undoubtedly the top prospect from the United States, but he is also one of the most promising young players that the sport has to offer.

A player with as much potential as Harrison can ignite at any time, and it is likely that he will make his first splash in the tennis world during the 2012 season. Watch for Harrison to be a contender in the smaller tournaments that he participates in this year, as well as a dark horse to advance a few rounds in a Grand Slam.

Top 14 Wildest Football WAGs

WAG is a term that was originally coined by the British media as a reference to the wives and girlfriends of the England national football team. Since then, the WAG tag has stuck, and now it is used as a reference for sportsmen all over the world when referring to their latest fling, long-standing girlfriend or marital spouse.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the wildest football WAG’s of both past and present. When I say wild, I am referring to going beyond normal or conventional bounds i.e. Sensational in the looks department.

Take a look at the hotties!

14.  Imogen Thomas

Ryan Giggs was reported to have had an affair with Welsh beauty Imogen Thomas after weeks of trying to impose a superinjunction banning the press from releasing details of his misdemeanor. We can see why he was tempted.

13.  Victoria Beckham

David Beckham is perhaps the most famous footballer that has ever lived, so it stands to reason that his wife is a former pop star turned fashionista. Here, Victoria is modeling her latest line of underwear.

12. Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau

Believe it or not, Wesley Sneijder’s wife’s name was even harder to pronounce before she married the Dutch footballer. Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen was the first mouthful.

11.  Irina Shayk

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk apparently met when they were on set together having their photos taken for an Armani shoot. That’s the type of thing that happens to me all the time.

10. Zaira Nara

She is an Argentinian model, a  TV host, and also date footballers! Nara was once engaged to Diego Forlan, but they have since gone their separate ways.

9. Valentina Zambrotta

According to this article, Ginaluca Zambrotta’s wife Valentina Zambrotta is a downhill skater and professional sunbather. She certainly seems to have the ideal physique for both pastimes.

8.   Carly Zucker

Joe Cole is married to Carly Zucker, who appeared in the Lynx advert that all men love In America, Lynx is known as Axe. Whatever continent you live on, go out and buy some immediately.

7.  Caroline Celico

Caroline Celico is the wife of Real Madrid and Brazil midfielder Kaka. Some guys have all the luck.

6. Alessia Ventura

Filippo Inzaghi halted his womanizing ways in 2009 after Alessia Ventura agreed to get hitched to the Italian striker. Or did he? Who cares.

5. Ilary Blasi

Francesco Totti did well when he married Ilary Blasi. Blasi is a showgirl, model, TV personality and actress.

4. Sara Brandner

Bastian Schweinsteiger knew what he was doing when he started dating Sara Brander. Not only is she smoking hot, she likes football and she will fetch you beer. What more could a man ask for?

3. Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is a pop star in English band Girls Aloud, but has also done solo work of late. Cole is the former wife of England and Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole whom she divorced following revelations he cheated on her multiple times.

2. Loreana Bernal

Loreana Bernal is an Argentinean and Spanish actress and model who is married to Arsenal midfielder Mikel Arteta. Exceptional work by Arteta in putting a ring on this lady’s finger.

1. Anara Atanes

Anara Atanes has reportedly dated Darren Bent of Aston Villa, Kieron Richardson of Sunderland and Jermaine Pennant of Stoke City over the years. Kudos to them.

Tuface Idibia Proposes On Val’s Day?

We weren’t there but got informed that Tuface Idibia just proposed to his long time girlfriend and mother of one of his children, Annie Macaulay(good to know that). He reportedly proposed to her at Club 10 V/I  on Valentine’s Day. The photo above was taken immediately after he proposed a few minutes ago (So we heard from our source).

What a happy moment for the couple on Val’s day..

We smell good things happening to the couple this year…Nice one Bro!