The Fashion styles Are Crazy At The Grammys 2012!

Its amazing how things tuned up this way with NOT-SO-COOL kind of dressing, while we saw so many gorgeous gowns, unfortunately not everyone got it right with their look last night! Check out the most outrageous get-ups for this YEAR GRAMMY!


Robyn takes the pressure off by providing us with an easy answer to the question, “What’s the most painful part of this outfit?” It’s not the wrinkled mullet miniskirt OR peroxided bowl cut, courtesy of a malfunctioning Flowbee OR  platform work boots!!!! No, it’s clearly the metal cylinder she’s apparently DRILLED through HAND her , presumably so she could feel something other than deep sartorial disappointment.


She is no DAMM Robocop but who knows maybe she featured in one of the movies. We had no idea who Sasha Gradiva was. But thanks to her Robocop-mated-with-Barbie couture, we now know she’s some sort of Russian dance-pop singer with a weapons-grade knack for PR.


Its no surprise with Gaga’s dressing and we think she needs to visit the REHAB to get her senses back, right? Blake Shelton’s face says it all. The country singer throws a confused bordering on cranky look at Lady Gaga‘s gold scepter, perhaps wondering, as we are!


This is Skylar Grey. According to our research, she began life as Holly Brook Hafermann, but switched to the more evocative moniker because it represented life’s great unknown, spiritually speaking. Hmmmm—- I guess the holy HEAVEN told her to wear this!


O God goodness……Call it respect for that little sniffle we develop whenever we hear “Time After Time” but if loving  Pepe Le Pew hair and fork-festooned shoes is wrong, we don’t want to be right!


Nicki Minaj dug through the discount rack at the Stunt Queen Boutique (proprietor: Lady Gaga) and scored this scarlet Versace robe. One part Medusa, two parts Little Red Riding Hood, a smidge of “Sister Act” and a healthy sprinkling of blasphemy (Nicki’s sacri-licious red-carpet accessory was a guy in papal vestments), this nun-sensical getup gets the nod for Outstanding. Achievement in Spotlight-Stealing. You DIGGGGG!


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