Is Brizzy And RiRi Back Together?

Well, those two crazy kids finally did it…

Rihanna and Chris Brown finally dropped their songs together – “Birthday Cake” and “Turn Up The Music” – and they set the internet on fire! If you think these are just meaningless songs then you’re out of your mind. Rih Rih and Breezy may have been sending each other some pretty personal messages on these songs.

We here did some heavy listening and we think we caught all the secret and not-so-secret references. Take a look and add some, too!

Rihanna – Birthday Cake

Bet you wanna put your name on it
Put your name on it
Come and put your name on it

Put your name on it? What name? you mean like a tattoo? Like the one Breezy got of his girl?

Breezy – Birthday Cake

Girl I wanna f*** you right now (right now)
Been a long time, I’ve been missing your body

We bet he does miss her…

Rihanna – Birthday Cake

Ooh baby, I like it
You’re so excited
Don’t try to hide it
I’mma make you my b****

We think they’re past the point of “trying to hide it” don’t you think?

Chris Brown – Birthday Cake

Ain’t new to this but you the s***
Damn, girl you pretty

..we know you aren’t for sure!

Rihanna – Birthday Cake

Remember how you did it?
Remember how you fit it?
If you still wanna kiss it
Come, c-come and get it

…No too much details, we remember all that.

Chris Brown And Rihanna – Turn Up The Music

I can see it in your eyes
You want a piece of me
So let’s do it tonight and do whatever it takes to make it right

Is making a song together “doing whatever it takes”.

Rihanna – Turn Up The Music

I love you baby!

You can hear her say this at the end of the song…smooth move, Rih Rih.


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