Video Of The Week (Jahborne – Nothing)

According to Jahborne, 8 unidentified men attacked him, leaving him with 12 stabs and life threatening blood loss on March 10th. it celebrates his life after enduring injuries and pain of such a violent attack.


10 Hottest “Free-Agent” WAGs in Sports

How are we still talking about being single? With all the choices on the planet, how can there still be a high number of available people?

Take this list for example. On this list are 10 of the sexiest women I have seen in our generation and they all share one thing in common—they are single!  They have no man to come home and share there feelings. If they want to see a movie, they are doing it solo.

So, once again, we are asking. How are they still single? For me I would take any one of these women for the weekend. We could go camping, swimming, gambling, drinking, or anything else that requires movement.

Now go grab a pen and start taking notes. But make them good because you might only get one shot to tackle the beast. Enjoy.

10. Cameron Diaz

If Cameron Diaz wants to date Diddy, Puffy, Sean Combs, Swag, or whatever his name is this 2012, then she should. He is no Alex Rodriguez but he has real cash. She makes this list because she is stating that they are in an open relationship. As a man, I know what that means. Diddy is having his cake and eating it too but how long will that last!


9. Andreea Raicu

The best part about my job is finding beautiful women that I have never heard of and introducing them to the rest of the world. Isn’t that wonderful?

Andreea Raicu is not a secret in Romania, where she comes from, and after this I think she should become a common name in the States. She is single too. That is better for all of us.

8. Anara Atanes

We know very little about the beautiful Anara Atanes. But I did find out a few things about her. For starters, she reminded me that beautiful women love to surround themselves with beautiful women. Her photo’s posted to Twitter tell the tale of a sexy woman who loves having fun and hanging out with her banging hot friends.


7. Rhian Sugden

Don’t you know? OK now you do, Rhian Sugden is available. Oh, I am sorry. I hope you didn’t think you had a chance with her. Because the odds of you and her getting together are worse than a bull riding a camel at a Texas rodeo.


6. Imogen Thomas

I love it when a beautiful single woman knows she is HOT. I mean, why else would you wear a thin white sexy night gown posing in a bathroom unless you want us to see how sexy you her and expose your amazing body?


5. Bibi Jones

It is not every day a porn star becomes the talk of the NFL world, but last year Bibi Jones did just that following a Twitter photo op that showed her naked, wearing only Rob Gronkowski’s jersey while shacking up with the Patriots TE.

Since then, she has admitted to sleeping with other athletes from several sports including married men. She apparently has no morals. Don’t you think so?


4. Kim Kardashian

Yes, you are allowed to hate Kim Kardashian. You can make fun of her personality and you can say mean things to her via Twitter. But one thing will always be true about Kim K. She is still finer than a thin piece of glass. Guys don’t ignore that fact!


3. Hope Dworaczyk

Just because you can’t say her name doesn’t mean she is from another country. Hope Dworaczyk does not hail from overseas, she is homegrown and straight from the plains of Texas. You dig that!

2. Olivia Munn

Every man’s dream girl is one that loves three things: Video Games, Sports, Sending nude photos. Following the leaked photos sent to Olivia Munn’s ex-boyfriend, the internet has exploded with millions of hits on anything related to Olivia Munn. I would post a link but the photos are NSFW.


1. Nicole Scherzinger

The top spot is always reserved for the woman who proves to be the hottest female without question. As long as Nicole Scherzinger has a pulse, she will be sitting atop the lists. I just need to find more ways to get in included in these things.

Celebs Hangout At Industry Nite!

Wizkid and friends graced the stage at Industry Night on Wednesday Feb. 22. It was an amazing night. Go ahead and view the pictures below and Enjoy!

Tiwa Savage.

Mo cheddah


Wizkid and Flavor Performing…


Ice Prince

Dan Foster

Picture Credit – TCD Photogrpahy

The Sexiest, Most Stylish, Best Dressed NFL Players…

Reggie Bush (New Orleans Saints)

Whether Reggie Bush was Mr. Style before Kim Kardashian came into his life is still up for debate but it doesn’t matter now because he is definitely making all the best dressed lists! And with Kim on his arm like a perfectly coordinating accessory to every suave outfit, Reggie has become one of the most stylish athletes in sports.

Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals)

He always looks so amazingly put together. And the glasses add an extra level of sophistication that is so unexpected in the rough and tumble world of football. In the Super Bowl XLIV pregame show, Larry was playing on the field in a gorgeous suit and caught a pass one handed…… it was one of the sexiest thing we have ever seen!

Terrell Owens (Buffalo Bills)

Okay so T.O. is definitely the most over-hyped player (mostly by himself….) on the field in the NFL but that has nothing to do with his style off the field! He’s known for causing more drama than he’s worth on every team he’s been on, but his dramatic flair in his styling definitely pays off!

Tom Brady (New England Patriots)

You can’t think of football and fashion in the same sentence without thinking of the name Tom Brady. Forget men saying “I wanna be like Mike!” Men these days want to be like Tom.  He has been named a style icon and Tom is a highly coveted face for high end products. Sure he doesn’t appear on every single ad for every product in the world like Peyton Manning does, but in the case it’s definitely quality, not quantity, that matters. Tom’s love is quite possibly the sexiest woman in the world, super model Gisele Bünchen.

Jason Taylor (Miami Dolphins, Dancing with the Stars)

If Dwight Freeney doesn’t convince you that defensive linemen can be hot, Jason Taylor definitely will! He has been ranked in sexiest players in the NFL and he is definitely one of the sexiest contestants ever on Dancing with the Stars. His body is perfectly chiseled, long, and lean.

Barber Brothers (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Twins Tiki and Ronde Barber brought high fashion to the NFL. Tiki has since retired but Ronde is still in the league and the dynamic duo always add a touch of flair and exude fantasticism at any red carpet event!


Check out the slides!

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Who is your BEST DRESSED NFL player?