As we enter into August, I encourage you to start
taking action rather than complaining like u have
been doing since January. I know its not as easy as
it seems but u have to make up your mind to pursue
your dreams and you can only do that by taking
immediate action. Start by writing that idea on
paper and creating a plan then take the first step
of that plan and you’l be surprised how far you can
go.. the whole idea is setting out, just start
small, remember the journey of a thousand miles
begin with a single step but unfortunately no one
can take that step for you, its only you..Your
parents cannot do it for you neither can your
spouse or your best friend. Every mans destiny is
in his own hands so i encourage you to believe in
yourself and make a move.
Take action because if you believe you can then you
can and vice versa.. the year still has 5 long
months to go and you can still achieve quite a lot
but u got to start now..
Even if you failed before i encourage you to try
again because in order to succeed you have to fail,
its not a crime to fail its actually a process of
All you need is an idea then a plan but action has
to follow. Start now.. Start from somewhere… Just
set out and you willl realize how much you can
Have a Splendid month and ill see you at the top.
peace out.

Remember our vision to empower you to be the best you can

thats why we say ITS A MOVEMENT.


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