Which Concert Attract You The Most (Koko Concert Or Afrobeat)?

A concept that’s rare is what embed into a country (Nigeria) that is known for its negativity and now winds in the air are changing the opinion and perception of people’s view, seeing the country as a fruitful land pouring out talents in and out of the entertainment industry.

Koko Concert…one of its kind and maximum hailing and greetings (lolz) to the mo’hits crew and i must say its a well job done bringing shock to the crowd by involving Kanye West….I give 10/10.

Crowd Was Huge

Mo’hits Crew

Award winning Dbanj

Kanye West Moment

And the show was never complete without IDJA ( Its Don jazzy Again)


it was mad fun with talented upcoming artist mixed with artist that are well established such as P square, Banky  and JJc. We also have the likes of Wizzy Wizkid, Iceprince Amani and big boiz ent… I must also say that its a 10/10 concert as well due to its magnificent crowd that was pulled in for the show…

Amazing Crowds (WOW)

Oluwa Tipsy

Banky, Wizzy, Iceprince



Basket mouth


Really Nice..(hulala)

Gave both event 10/10 which means both shows where sooo massive but one must come down for one right? (lolzz)…

Which concert is more catchy from your own point of view?


2KRISS – L.O.V.E (Official Video)

Feeling this song is one thing but loving this song is another thing…..am really loving this song ever since it came out. Trust me you gonna love it when you click play!

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