Top 10 tips for Christmas promotions!

With Christmas looming, most start-ups should already have plans in place to capitalize on the festive spending season.

1. 50% off

It’s a promotional tactic as old as they come, but there is no doubt that consumers are lured by discounted goods. If you are discounting though, be savvy about it – don’t offer the same goods on discount as your rivals and make sure you reward your best customers.

2. Gift cards

 A close ally of discounting, gift cards or certificates are another way of sparking interest among customers. Make sure you rotate stock to make your offering look fresh and consider limiting the gift cards to a particular range of your stock. Decide on this by working out where your best-sellers are and carrying excess stock in this area for the Christmas period.

3. 12 Days of Christmas

Why not tie an overtly Christmas theme into your promotions? For example, launch a ‘12 days of Christmas’ drive. Offer a different discounted product on each of the 12 days in the lead up to Christmas.

This will allow you to expose a broad range of your stock to customers and push loyal customers towards new products. Just make sure you carefully plan ahead for this.

4. Target your best customers

You don’t need to wait until your customers are in-store to reward them. Send reliable customers a flier or, especially if you’re an online retailer, an email to offer them a personal discount in the lead-up to Christmas.

Making customers feel special is an ideal way of getting them to open their wallets and purses during the festive season. But make sure that your customer engagement doesn’t only take place once the advent calendars are being prised open.

5. Treat your customers

Knowing your customers means understanding what they like and dislike. Therefore, you should be in a good position to provide a treat that reflects their tastes.