Can You Stop Listening To This? Don’t Think So!

This joint was meant to be for the valentıne lovers and was suppose to drop on the Valentines’ Day but somehow ……. Here’s what should be Davido’s 3rd official single “Ekuro”. and trust me the ladies already love this.

Here’s a message from Davido’s management.

“Ekuro was meant to be a valentine gift from Davido to his fans. We didn’t plan on it being out by now, this is not even the official version. It’s not a single. Davido’s 3rd single will however be dropping in a few weeks. Watch out for more Davido material!”

Burna Boy

Burna boy ıs gonna make ıt bıg this year and gonna perform live in Cyprus on 1ST OF FEBRUARY. COME PARTY WITH BURNA BOY.. check out the song below!

Terry G

Terry G just can’t stop bringing out  more materials. it’s not certain what “Bregedige” means but I believe his fans will relate to it as usual. Listen below.