10 Hottest “Free-Agent” WAGs in Sports

How are we still talking about being single? With all the choices on the planet, how can there still be a high number of available people?

Take this list for example. On this list are 10 of the sexiest women I have seen in our generation and they all share one thing in common—they are single!  They have no man to come home and share there feelings. If they want to see a movie, they are doing it solo.

So, once again, we are asking. How are they still single? For me I would take any one of these women for the weekend. We could go camping, swimming, gambling, drinking, or anything else that requires movement.

Now go grab a pen and start taking notes. But make them good because you might only get one shot to tackle the beast. Enjoy.

10. Cameron Diaz

If Cameron Diaz wants to date Diddy, Puffy, Sean Combs, Swag, or whatever his name is this 2012, then she should. He is no Alex Rodriguez but he has real cash. She makes this list because she is stating that they are in an open relationship. As a man, I know what that means. Diddy is having his cake and eating it too but how long will that last!


9. Andreea Raicu

The best part about my job is finding beautiful women that I have never heard of and introducing them to the rest of the world. Isn’t that wonderful?

Andreea Raicu is not a secret in Romania, where she comes from, and after this I think she should become a common name in the States. She is single too. That is better for all of us.

8. Anara Atanes

We know very little about the beautiful Anara Atanes. But I did find out a few things about her. For starters, she reminded me that beautiful women love to surround themselves with beautiful women. Her photo’s posted to Twitter tell the tale of a sexy woman who loves having fun and hanging out with her banging hot friends.


7. Rhian Sugden

Don’t you know? OK now you do, Rhian Sugden is available. Oh, I am sorry. I hope you didn’t think you had a chance with her. Because the odds of you and her getting together are worse than a bull riding a camel at a Texas rodeo.


6. Imogen Thomas

I love it when a beautiful single woman knows she is HOT. I mean, why else would you wear a thin white sexy night gown posing in a bathroom unless you want us to see how sexy you her and expose your amazing body?


5. Bibi Jones

It is not every day a porn star becomes the talk of the NFL world, but last year Bibi Jones did just that following a Twitter photo op that showed her naked, wearing only Rob Gronkowski’s jersey while shacking up with the Patriots TE.

Since then, she has admitted to sleeping with other athletes from several sports including married men. She apparently has no morals. Don’t you think so?


4. Kim Kardashian

Yes, you are allowed to hate Kim Kardashian. You can make fun of her personality and you can say mean things to her via Twitter. But one thing will always be true about Kim K. She is still finer than a thin piece of glass. Guys don’t ignore that fact!


3. Hope Dworaczyk

Just because you can’t say her name doesn’t mean she is from another country. Hope Dworaczyk does not hail from overseas, she is homegrown and straight from the plains of Texas. You dig that!

2. Olivia Munn

Every man’s dream girl is one that loves three things: Video Games, Sports, Sending nude photos. Following the leaked photos sent to Olivia Munn’s ex-boyfriend, the internet has exploded with millions of hits on anything related to Olivia Munn. I would post a link but the photos are NSFW.


1. Nicole Scherzinger

The top spot is always reserved for the woman who proves to be the hottest female without question. As long as Nicole Scherzinger has a pulse, she will be sitting atop the lists. I just need to find more ways to get in included in these things.


Best Dressed Couples at the 2012 Grammys!

Valentine’s day is just by the corner so don’t worry LOVE BIRD? But before we talk about that, lets take a look at the Grammys red carpet and see which couples harmonized fashion-wise on music’s big night.

Adam Levine and Anne Vyalitsyna

C’mon, these two could wear trash bags and look sexy. But of course, Adam and Anne glammed up much more than that for the Grammys. Adam wore a black suit with blue-and-white striped shirt and kerchief, while Anne wore an asymmetrical black dress with side cutouts.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

Swizz Beatz and his wife, Alicia Keys, looked cool as can be at the Grammys. Alicia rocked a Alexandre Vauthier dress with a built-in gold chest plate and a pompadour ‘do, while Swizz donned a purple velvet jacket with matching bowtie.

Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman

We’re used to seeing Kate at movie award shows, but we were pleasantly surprised that she popped up at the Grammys with her hubby, Len. Kate looked lovely in her cream Zuhair Murad mini-dress with chiffon draping, and Len’s all-black ensemble accentuated the black velvet shoulder bow on Kate’s dress.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

John went for simple style at the Grammys. The singer donned a plain black tux with skinny tie. His fiancé, Chrissy, followed suit, wearing a boat neck black gown with thigh-high slit.

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Yes, it surprises us too that this quirky couple made the best dressed couples list, but we have to admit that Wiz and Amber did look stylish on the red carpet. The model wore in a canary asymmetrical Versace gown with high leg slit, while her rapper beau donned a black-and-white blazer, paired with a black porkpie hat, black velvet pants and black patent leather loafers with white tassels.

Marc Anthony and Shannon de Lima

Marc showed off his new ladylove, Shannon, at the Grammys. Both wore sleek black ensembles. We just wish they walked the red carpet so we could have seen their outfits better!

A Look At Wives Keeping It Right And Tight For Their Men…

Ok, we know people get married and their spouses turn out to be complete strangers and even if they are not…are you surprised about that? Some of us are lucky enough to still want to look at the people we have to see every single damn day(oH YeA!). These celebrities are lucky because their wives stay smoking HOT no matter what. Let’s look at the hottest wives in the game that stay fly and fine, making their husbands feel lucky every day…


Paula Patton – Since Robin Thicke hit the scene, we’ve known two things about him which are, good music and his wife been smOOOOking HOT. Paula Patton just wins in everything and as a consequence Robin wins too. Can you just dig that??


Jada Pinkett-Smith – Two kids and a longstanding marriage and Jada still looking juicing? WILL is the luckiest man on planet earth.


Beyonce – We’ve all known Jay was a lucky man. But they’ve been together for almost a decade and she keeps it fresh for him. We wonder how that’ll keep up when the baby comes.


Adriana Lima – She’s the face of Victoria’s Secret and she’s been incredibly YUMMY YUMMY since she hopped on the scene. Too bad she’s with a homely looking bball player.


ENI EDO – Everyone is asking, who’s this HONEY PIE? She is so pretty that she got the man of her dreams. Ini Edo-Ehiagwina has been working hard on revamping her style, body and career. We Love your style just like everybody else!


OMOTOLA EKEINDE – Matthew Ekeinde is a banger that make ladies crazy, but he’s perfectly happy with his cutey  booty wife. Omotola is one of the most beautiful women in all of show business. Don’t ask why…!


CAROLINE DANJUMA – She seems to be more prettier with age and still keeps the figure that makes her BOO BOO go crazy anytime. We go crazy too sometimes.

Extreme Media’s 2011 Beautiful Booty And Boob-alicious Bangers List

Its an amazing new year, so we thought its appropriate to reminisce on the women that made 2011 such an enjoyable year on the internet. From singers, to actresses, to reality “stars”, to models, these are the bangers that we just couldn’t get enough of.


Amber Rose
Call her whatever you want, just make sure you include the word “Bad-a$$ bitch” in your description cos she’s got EVERYTHING!


Alicia Keys
Mrs. Beatz has gone through a lot over these past few years with her messy marriage to Swizzy having a baby, but it doesn’t look like any of the stress has killed her spirit or her sex appeal…cos she’s REALLY WOW!


Speaking of Mr. Beatz, his ex-wife is as booticious like any of our booty “STARS”. In fact,  there is some debate as to whether or not Alicia is really an upgrade or not. This brown-skinned beauty can be our “Candy Shop” anytime anyday..


Christina Hendricks
The busty Mad Men star is the owner of THE most talked about set of LOLLY-POPS in Hollywood by far. She brings a whole new meaning to “Come lay your head on my pillow(s)”. We just can’t stop steering!



Kim Kardashian
OK, we know that you dislike her, you are tired of her and you wish she would just disappear and never see her again but where on Earth would you be able to see all that >>>> & <<<<<??? Lawd have mercy…


Somaya Reece
Ok, maybe she’s a little misguided about her career status as a “boss”, but the Love & Hip-Hop castaway has a body that is to be respected…bawse!


In 2011 Red-headed Rih-Rih did what she does best and that’s capture our attention at all costs. To her credit, her Rolling Stone cover my go down as one of the most iconic photoshoots of her career. We’ll drink to that…


Who’s the best dressed man in Black Hollywood?

We know that Diddy is known for his extravagant choices and fitted suits, T.I will throw on a nice neck tie every once in a while and Idris looks good in whatever he throws on because there’s something extra special in store. We’ve combed the web, glossies and news stands and concluded that the following 5 men are the most stylish brothers on and off the big screen. From the extravagant taste of Mr. Combs and Jamie Foxx’s polished threads, to our favorite ATL hot boy, T.I.

Mr. Extravagant


Forever Polished

Jamie Foxx

Distinguished Gentleman


Hip Hop Honey


The King of Black Hollywood

Will Smith

There is no doubt that these men have style…

10 Most Stylish Nigerian Celebs 2011

We bring you an update of the most STYLISH NIGERIAN CELEBRITY 2011. Who is your favorite celeb?

1. Nike Oshinowo Soleye. Ex Beauty Queen and Entrepreneur.

2. Bridget Awosika.. Designer.

3. Munachii, Ex Beauty Queen and also a Vj in Sound City.

4. D’banj…Musician.

5. Banky w, Entrepreneur and Musician.

6. Genevieve Nnaji, Nollywood Actress and Entrepreneur.

7. Naeto.c….Musician

8. Tiwa savage…Musician.

9. Lynxx….Musician.

10. Ebuka, a Lawyer who also participated in Big Brother at the year 2006.




All Black Everything (Part 1)

Yesterday was BLACK FRIDAY…Right? It’s was fun partying here and there so how was yours?….To help you get through it, we have some celebratory cakes!  Black is supposed to be SLIMMING, CLASSY  and PARTYING (Just like  All Black Everything 2 in Cyprus which will come up shortly) and all that. But in this case, it’s just damn hot! Without further COMMENT, but remember that’s the beauty of Black Friday.

Both looks stunning with the classic colour BLACK. Great couple in All Black Everything!

She looks sexy in Black…

We just can’t ignore those days when this couple went all in…can we? Not at all!

We love you BeyBey but not like Jay in All Black Everything..

It took us time to figure out this classy chick in All Black..

Top 11 Countries with the Hottest Women

We have no choice but to make this eleven, giving us personal reasons for expatriating. Girls all around the world in this generation are just too HOT and we need ICE so we won’t go insane with these lovely creatures….

Just for you folk, we’ve assembled a list of the top countries with the hottest HONEY MELONE!

11. Spain

The beautiful women just seem to line up in Spain. Those splendid Mediterranean tans tend to help too and so do the nude beaches.

10. South Africa

There are few places where you’ll see such a wide variety of beautiful women that’ll suite anyone’s particular fancy, South Africa is one of them. And they come with a lovely English accent too.

9. Czech Republic

Top models seem to come from the Czech Republic like wildfire these days. And anyone who’s taken even a leisurely stroll through Prague would have to be blind not to have noticed.

8. Nigeria

Just a lil taste and mouth watering country, producing one of the best HONEY PIES in the world, all for Nigeria..

7. Iran

Persian women are some of the most beautiful, strongest willed in the world, though unfortunately often overlooked due to the shroud still lingering over women’s rights in nations like Iran.

6. Croatia

Italian women get a lot of well-deserved looks, but the ladies of Croatia are the true gems of the Adriatic.

5. India

India has a deep, storied history and women of legendary beauty.

4. Sweden

Tall, blond and blue-eyed is just not enough for these beautiful SWEETY SWEETIES in Sweden…

3. Hungary

Eastern European countries are popular on this list, and Hungary sits at the crossroads of them all. Can you believe that? All the best traits of Eastern European women mix perfectly and find just the right balance in Hungary.

2. Japan

Asia has no shortage of beautiful women, though they may get no cuter than in Japan.

1. Brazil

 Everyone just seems to be beautiful in Brazil. Undoubtedly, it’s just a country to be if you’re looking for the hottest women in the world.

Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj Perform At Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show..

Last night in New York, Nicki Minaj, The Throne, and Maroon 5, along with “The Voice” judge Adam Levine, hit the stage during the Victoria’s Secret fashion show to liven up the crowd. As usual, Nicki showed up in some epileptic seizure-inducing outfit complete with neon colors while making weird faces, Kanye wore his favorite pair of blood-pressure-cuff-tight leather pants, Adam Levine probably could have worn MORE clothes, and Hov kept it OG with his ubiquitous “all black everything”

See the pics below..

Its all about fashion, beauty, all in VICTORIA SECRET fashion show…