A Look At Wives Keeping It Right And Tight For Their Men…

Ok, we know people get married and their spouses turn out to be complete strangers and even if they are not…are you surprised about that? Some of us are lucky enough to still want to look at the people we have to see every single damn day(oH YeA!). These celebrities are lucky because their wives stay smoking HOT no matter what. Let’s look at the hottest wives in the game that stay fly and fine, making their husbands feel lucky every day…


Paula Patton – Since Robin Thicke hit the scene, we’ve known two things about him which are, good music and his wife been smOOOOking HOT. Paula Patton just wins in everything and as a consequence Robin wins too. Can you just dig that??


Jada Pinkett-Smith – Two kids and a longstanding marriage and Jada still looking juicing? WILL is the luckiest man on planet earth.


Beyonce – We’ve all known Jay was a lucky man. But they’ve been together for almost a decade and she keeps it fresh for him. We wonder how that’ll keep up when the baby comes.


Adriana Lima – She’s the face of Victoria’s Secret and she’s been incredibly YUMMY YUMMY since she hopped on the scene. Too bad she’s with a homely looking bball player.


ENI EDO – Everyone is asking, who’s this HONEY PIE? She is so pretty that she got the man of her dreams. Ini Edo-Ehiagwina has been working hard on revamping her style, body and career. We Love your style just like everybody else!


OMOTOLA EKEINDE – Matthew Ekeinde is a banger that make ladies crazy, but he’s perfectly happy with his cutey  booty wife. Omotola is one of the most beautiful women in all of show business. Don’t ask why…!


CAROLINE DANJUMA – She seems to be more prettier with age and still keeps the figure that makes her BOO BOO go crazy anytime. We go crazy too sometimes.