As we enter into August, I encourage you to start
taking action rather than complaining like u have
been doing since January. I know its not as easy as
it seems but u have to make up your mind to pursue
your dreams and you can only do that by taking
immediate action. Start by writing that idea on
paper and creating a plan then take the first step
of that plan and you’l be surprised how far you can
go.. the whole idea is setting out, just start
small, remember the journey of a thousand miles
begin with a single step but unfortunately no one
can take that step for you, its only you..Your
parents cannot do it for you neither can your
spouse or your best friend. Every mans destiny is
in his own hands so i encourage you to believe in
yourself and make a move.
Take action because if you believe you can then you
can and vice versa.. the year still has 5 long
months to go and you can still achieve quite a lot
but u got to start now..
Even if you failed before i encourage you to try
again because in order to succeed you have to fail,
its not a crime to fail its actually a process of
All you need is an idea then a plan but action has
to follow. Start now.. Start from somewhere… Just
set out and you willl realize how much you can
Have a Splendid month and ill see you at the top.
peace out.

Remember our vision to empower you to be the best you can

thats why we say ITS A MOVEMENT.


Five Ways Of New You..

In days, we stand at the treshold of the unknown before us lies a New Year with hope of taking possession of it. Who knows what we will find? What New Year experience or changes that will come our way? Inspite of all the uncertainty before us, people still make New Year resolutions and most times they don’t keep them.  We have five ways of doing this.


1.  Say goodbye to the old you:

Take a step down memory line when you were so in love with your self , when you were least affected by the happenings and changes of life. Taking the great part and extract the bad by puting  it to where it belongs. That good part is the New Year and the old you is left behind.


2.  You have to get over and done with regret:

All kinds of regrets dwelling from the past is not gonna change anything. The power to forgive is so incredible that it has power to lead to a better and healthier you. We can not edit our past, but we can let go and have a new start to something better.


3.  Reinvent your current self:

You will need to change what people are use to knowing you for and if they can’t respect your evolution, then they don’t need to translate with you to the New Year.


4. The new you:

You need to understand your self as a changed person, the earlier you realize that and accept it, then you will be able to define what you want and stand for. Having changed, only then can people around you see the difference.


5. Explore:

Whatever happens in 2012, let your life look good and do good to people around you. A New Year, New Day, New You with great opportunities and a start over.

Guys its time to move ON!


Written By linmorotha.

What Do You Remember In December!

I shuffle through the fresh new snow while strolling in the park, 
Seeing shadows start to form as it is getting dark. 
So quietly and peacefully new snowflakes hit the ground, 
And form a pure white layer and they never make a sound. 

The soft flakes feel like drops of ice when drifting on my face, 
And everything feels fresh and clean as I walk through this place. 
The trees are covered with a coat of freshly fallen snow, 
Then some have icy branches that give off a crystal glow. 

The only sound that I can hear is little wisps of wind, 
But only for a moment then the air is still again. 
My heart is overflowing with a feeling from within, 
A gentle, soothing, calming feeling comes to me again. 

I stop to meditate and feel the breeze upon my face, 
I need this time alone to touch my feelings and embrace, 
The constant nagging question in my mind that causes doubt, 
Once again I ask myself “what is it all about?” 

December is upon us and the holidays are near, 
It is a month when peace on earth is echoed loud and clear. 
It is a month when people try to have good will toward man, 
But always seems that good will ends as quick and it began. 

If only people took the time to stop and smell the air, 
If only people took the time to treat all others fair. 
If only people did not feel they had to leave their mark. 
If only there were peace on earth as I feel in this park, 

As… I stood there thinking of the words that I just said, 
I recalled words, something like this, that long ago I read. 
It came to me as silently as snow upon the breeze, 
“If my people turn to me and fall upon their knees” 

I knew there was much more to it, those words were just the start, 
But those few words were all I needed deep within my heart. 
I did not need the other words, the meaning I had felt, 
And in the freshly fallen snow, I bowed my head and knelt. 

I felt the tears roll down my face and glisten in the snow, 
Tears of joy or tears of sorrow, that I did not know. 
I knew what I was feeling I could not feel on my own, 
And as I spoke these words I know I was not there alone. 

I understand I’m just one man, and lowly, meek and poor, 
And as I understand the words you said you wanted more. 
So peace I will not pray for but instead I’ll pray for these, 
I pray that all who call your name will fall down on their knees. 

And at this Christmas season as so many times before, 
Understand the reason what this season was made for. 
Lift your prayers to heaven and then pray that they increase, 
Remember that this season was made for the Prince Of Peace. 

Source: James A. Kisner

You wanna keep fit? Check out your favourite stars!


You think celebrities are just born fit? Nope, they spend most of their time working out and eating healthy. (And getting surgery…but that’s for another time).
Don’t believe us? Here are pictures of the lovely ladies of show business getting fit and trim while working out. And yes, there are some sexy ladies included. In light of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we hope these pictures encourage you ladies to stay focused on your health and well-being!


 Jennifer Hudson has lost a ton of weight (no pun intended), and she’s sharing the wealth by getting kids to work out, too. Good for her.



Halle Berry’s got a kid. She’s almost 50. And she’s sexier and fit than most 25-year-olds. she’s either at the beach, with her kid or working out..

Jennifer Lopez  is the epitome of a sexy, fit woman. She manages to stay fit while not losing any of the booty meat. What’s the secret

Rosa Acosta – If there’s anyone that loves showing off her workouts, it’s Rosa. She is always stretching and showing the importance of yoga. Don’t you like that?

Ciara – You don’t get a six-pack like that without working out all out. This photoshot is from a video, but the fact that she can pull of the one-handed push-up shows how strong she is.

Forbes has released their list of highest paid women from May 2010 to May 2011! Obviously the usual suspects make an appearance, Beyonce, Oprah, Gaga, but there are definitely some surprises listed here that we didn’t believe!

Flip through the following pages and see how much balls they’ve got!

Beyonce Knowles-Carter – $35 Million

Danielle Steel – $35 Million

Katy Perry – $44 Million

Taylor Swift $45 Million

Judge Judy – $45 Million

Ellen Degeneres – $45 Million

Gisele Bundchen – $45 Million

Bethenny Frankel – $55 Million

Lady Gaga – $90 Million

Oprah Winfrey – $290 Million

Forbes Magazine Releases It’s Top Ten Highest Paid Women Of 2010-2011


That statement has been on my mind since then, and I guess it moved me most during that time because I knew in my heart ladies keep playing back and forth games with a guy they should have left alone a loooooong time ago. But when you’re bored and don’t feel like being patient for the next man but some ladies do anyways, you start messing with that guy from the past. The one that still texts your phone just to say “hey” so that he can play games and try and make sure he’s still on your mind. Also known as checking on you for reasons that have nothing to do with true friendship, but just to be nosey and spit some game. For a hot second there you think its cool to talk with him again and overlook all his past faults and bulls**t and in time both of you could work things out. Truth was, within weeks he will be back on that bullsh**t again and the funny thing is, you knew it was going to happen.

There are many ladies out there who find their true love in their past relationship. People whose relationships fell apart but knew they were the best each other had. You know what happens–the one individual in the relationship who used to be an ass has an epiphany, and the other is able to accept them back into their lives because they know that there was something about that person they couldn’t get over. That’s a beautiful thing when people meant for each other stop playing games and get it right. The TRUTH is that if your not in love with the guy you are dating, and after all these years you really didn’t even like him much anymore and you are B-O-R-E-D. All you need is to cut it out. LIKE REALLY?

So to sum up and help you out in your dating game, here are a few signs you’re more bored than infatuated with a fella from your past and that you need to drop him…again:

  • As stated, he still does the same things that didn’t just work your nerves but caused problems back in the day.
  • Your conversations lose steam quick after a couple of phone calls.
  • Most of his texts seem like they’re done to check up on you rather than talk to you (“What you doin?” “Where u at?”)
  • You guys only talk at night…like late night…I know people have needs, but don’t be someone’s booty call girl! (*smile* but I’m serious)…

Always learn to be patient and move forward…ok LADIES!


5 kinds of guys you should run away from ladies…

  • Don’t be desperate

I’m sure in this big world of ours, you encounter many men who try and talk to you. Why? Because you’re fabulous girl, that’s why! And as nice as it can be to meet and engage in conversation with an interesting man, these days you have to go through your share of hot messes to meet said interesting fellow. I guess that’s what makes dating interesting?. But if you encounter these kinds of guys in your everyday movements, no matter how long it has been since you’ve been wooed by a man (aka, you’re at a desperate point), do NOT, entertain them. Just run, preferably in the opposite direction. I mean it.


  • The Guy Who Wants to Be Your “Friend” So Bad

It’s one thing to pursue a person not knowing up front what their relationship status is, but once you know, any person should be mature enough to know when to step off if that individual has got a significant other. Even if they’re lying about it to be left alone. There’s nothing worse than telling a guy you have a boyfriend, hoping his pursuit of you will stop( i bet he won’t), only to have him bog you down with lines about how you should take his number so you can call him. That thirsty-ness to get in a woman’s life by any means necessary is not a good look. Tell him thanks, but no thanks.


  • The Late Night Body Snatcher

You know the one right? You’ll be walking down the street on your way back to your apartment, only to have a guy come out of the wall (not literally) from no where trying to talk to you. Nevermind the fact that he really can’t see you what you look like (only wants you in bed for a night). So if he’s asking for your number after two seconds of talking to you–which, may consisted of “whats up pretty?” and “i would really love to know you cos you look like the angel i saw in my dreams” chances are, if you were to give it, you’d only hear from him real late at night (booty call characteristics…seriously?) and you will probably hear from him within minutes of your first meeting. Run cos he wants to booty you for the night or next meeting..


  • The Gawker

Isn’t it the most uncomfortable thing when someone stares at you? but also it makes you want to know why he staring. It’s one thing to look, admire, and then go about your business, but it’s another to stare so hard (even when she look at you dead in your face) that she feel like you’re trying to suck out her soul. We all glance occasionally at people we find attractive, but there’s a mad creep factor to looking hard and looking for a long time, especially when you don’t plan on speaking. So if you peep out a guy doing this, give him the death face and I bet he’ll stop (dont be anxious to know why he stares cos trust me you might fall for him cos we men are really good at this).


  • The Guy Who Pressures You Into Taking His Number

Not proud to say that I’ve done this before. You know, as a dude you’re really interested in getting her by giving your number out in a playful and flirting ways so she can keep you in mind. Ladies know that you should never ever take a guy’s number you’re not feeling at all because he’s practically setting you up (trust me you are trapped). You might think you have the power by taking his digits, and that you can decide if you ever want to call and when you will. But if you take his number in your phone, he’s expecting you to now call HIS phone so that he can have your digits, and also so he knows the phone number he has for you is real. Don’t be a fool, because once they have your number, we guys are going to call and call…and call. Don’t think you are too big to fall cos you might just be wrong…

What is your definition of Love?


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