10 Hottest “Free-Agent” WAGs in Sports

How are we still talking about being single? With all the choices on the planet, how can there still be a high number of available people?

Take this list for example. On this list are 10 of the sexiest women I have seen in our generation and they all share one thing in common—they are single!  They have no man to come home and share there feelings. If they want to see a movie, they are doing it solo.

So, once again, we are asking. How are they still single? For me I would take any one of these women for the weekend. We could go camping, swimming, gambling, drinking, or anything else that requires movement.

Now go grab a pen and start taking notes. But make them good because you might only get one shot to tackle the beast. Enjoy.

10. Cameron Diaz

If Cameron Diaz wants to date Diddy, Puffy, Sean Combs, Swag, or whatever his name is this 2012, then she should. He is no Alex Rodriguez but he has real cash. She makes this list because she is stating that they are in an open relationship. As a man, I know what that means. Diddy is having his cake and eating it too but how long will that last!


9. Andreea Raicu

The best part about my job is finding beautiful women that I have never heard of and introducing them to the rest of the world. Isn’t that wonderful?

Andreea Raicu is not a secret in Romania, where she comes from, and after this I think she should become a common name in the States. She is single too. That is better for all of us.

8. Anara Atanes

We know very little about the beautiful Anara Atanes. But I did find out a few things about her. For starters, she reminded me that beautiful women love to surround themselves with beautiful women. Her photo’s posted to Twitter tell the tale of a sexy woman who loves having fun and hanging out with her banging hot friends.


7. Rhian Sugden

Don’t you know? OK now you do, Rhian Sugden is available. Oh, I am sorry. I hope you didn’t think you had a chance with her. Because the odds of you and her getting together are worse than a bull riding a camel at a Texas rodeo.


6. Imogen Thomas

I love it when a beautiful single woman knows she is HOT. I mean, why else would you wear a thin white sexy night gown posing in a bathroom unless you want us to see how sexy you her and expose your amazing body?


5. Bibi Jones

It is not every day a porn star becomes the talk of the NFL world, but last year Bibi Jones did just that following a Twitter photo op that showed her naked, wearing only Rob Gronkowski’s jersey while shacking up with the Patriots TE.

Since then, she has admitted to sleeping with other athletes from several sports including married men. She apparently has no morals. Don’t you think so?


4. Kim Kardashian

Yes, you are allowed to hate Kim Kardashian. You can make fun of her personality and you can say mean things to her via Twitter. But one thing will always be true about Kim K. She is still finer than a thin piece of glass. Guys don’t ignore that fact!


3. Hope Dworaczyk

Just because you can’t say her name doesn’t mean she is from another country. Hope Dworaczyk does not hail from overseas, she is homegrown and straight from the plains of Texas. You dig that!

2. Olivia Munn

Every man’s dream girl is one that loves three things: Video Games, Sports, Sending nude photos. Following the leaked photos sent to Olivia Munn’s ex-boyfriend, the internet has exploded with millions of hits on anything related to Olivia Munn. I would post a link but the photos are NSFW.


1. Nicole Scherzinger

The top spot is always reserved for the woman who proves to be the hottest female without question. As long as Nicole Scherzinger has a pulse, she will be sitting atop the lists. I just need to find more ways to get in included in these things.


These Ladies Looking Super Hot On Valentine’s Day!

These ladies make Valentine’s Day particularly special…

There’s nothing better than having your boo thang dress up super special for V-Day. These stars play that dress up game, too. Just check out their stunning nightgowns and lingerie they rock. Some of these outfits aren’t even being worn on Valentine’s Day, but they’re festive enough to get a mention.


Kim Kardashian – No red dress, but she’s in the mood. Maybe Reggie Bush didn’t want the red touch!

Halle Berry – she always look stunning...

Emily B –  Light, camera, action …Emily we want to see you on RED again maybe a lil bit tighter this time!

Rihanna- We love you RiRi and we hope you have found one on Val day.

Ciara – Feel confident C-BABY it looks great on you, especially on val day..

Genevieve Nnaji –  All we can say is she look glamorous!

Rita Dominic – We just can’t get our eyes off you Rita..

Chanel Iman –Keep smiling to the camera with that love thang. The red surely looks outstanding!

Tonto Dike – Not on red but you look good T!

Zoe Saldana – We love the Red on you any day anytime!

Extreme Media’s 2011 Beautiful Booty And Boob-alicious Bangers List

Its an amazing new year, so we thought its appropriate to reminisce on the women that made 2011 such an enjoyable year on the internet. From singers, to actresses, to reality “stars”, to models, these are the bangers that we just couldn’t get enough of.


Amber Rose
Call her whatever you want, just make sure you include the word “Bad-a$$ bitch” in your description cos she’s got EVERYTHING!


Alicia Keys
Mrs. Beatz has gone through a lot over these past few years with her messy marriage to Swizzy having a baby, but it doesn’t look like any of the stress has killed her spirit or her sex appeal…cos she’s REALLY WOW!


Speaking of Mr. Beatz, his ex-wife is as booticious like any of our booty “STARS”. In fact,  there is some debate as to whether or not Alicia is really an upgrade or not. This brown-skinned beauty can be our “Candy Shop” anytime anyday..


Christina Hendricks
The busty Mad Men star is the owner of THE most talked about set of LOLLY-POPS in Hollywood by far. She brings a whole new meaning to “Come lay your head on my pillow(s)”. We just can’t stop steering!



Kim Kardashian
OK, we know that you dislike her, you are tired of her and you wish she would just disappear and never see her again but where on Earth would you be able to see all that >>>> & <<<<<??? Lawd have mercy…


Somaya Reece
Ok, maybe she’s a little misguided about her career status as a “boss”, but the Love & Hip-Hop castaway has a body that is to be respected…bawse!


In 2011 Red-headed Rih-Rih did what she does best and that’s capture our attention at all costs. To her credit, her Rolling Stone cover my go down as one of the most iconic photoshoots of her career. We’ll drink to that…


Update: Kimmy Cakes Official Divorce Papers Released And With Statments!

Kim Kardashian Issues Statement About Divorce

Kim has confirmed her divorce from Kris Bumphries in a statement through the network that allegedly helped their short-lived union happen.

The statement comes just minutes after TMZ obtained the divorce documents filed by Kim in Los Angeles this morning.

Kim Kardashian Divorce Papers

(Click here to see the full documents)

The Kardashian’s network home, E!, also issued a statement regarding the un-fairy tale-like ending to their biggest televised event this year:

“All of us at E! are surprised and saddened by this news, and we send our support to Kim and Kris at this difficult time. The Kardashians have always been uniquely open with all aspects of their lives from joyous events to intimate moments to heartbreaking transitions. E! will continue to share the fascinating real lives and larger-than-life existence of this close-knit family.”

 We are sorry Kim and Kris and we give you all the support that you need at this difficult moment….


Sooo Short? Kim Kardashian To File For Divorce From Husband Kris Humphries!

Kim Kardashian To File For Divorce From Kris Humphries

Via TMZ:

Kim Kardashian will file for divorce this morning, after 72 days of not-so-wedded bliss to Kris Humphries … TMZ has learned. We’re told even though the marriage was short, she will not seek an annulment. It’s a garden variety divorce, in which Kim cites “irreconcilable differences.”

We’re told the date of separation is listed as today, Oct. 31, 2011. Kim has hired disso-queen Laura Wasser, who has repped the likes of Britney Spears, Maria Shriver, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Reynolds, and Robyn Gibson, Mel’s almost ex-wife.

As we first reported, the couple has a prenuptial agreement … Kim made sure of that.

Kim you did this before so its no surprise….


10 Best Celebrity Bikinis

In May, Kim Kardashian debuted a beach-ready body in her teal and gold-accented two-piece in Mexico

In March, supermodel (and new mom) Gisele Bunchden didn’t show a hint of baby weight in a barely-there animal-print string bikini in Rio de Janeiro.

Megan Fox’s simple black two-piece serves as the perfect backdrop to her many tattoos as she frolics in Hawaii in December.

Actress Kate Beckinsale shows off her retro sensibilities in a navy ruffled number in Mexico in January.

Kourtney Kardashian went nautical-chic with a striped string top and low-rider briefs on a May Mexican get-a-way.

Britney Spears looks amazing in a hot-pink two-piece while relaxing with friends in Marina del Ray in 2009.

Rihanna takes some down time in Hawaii in 2010 in a tribal-printed mint-green and black number.

Vanessa Hudgens plays in the surf in Maui in 2007 in a stitch-detailed striped suit.

Showing off a killer body in a little yellow bikini, Brooklyn Decker filmed scenes forJust Go With It in Hawaii in 2010.

In 2009, Leighton Meester added a cool T-shirt cover-up to her classic black two-piece in Los Angeles.

Gallery Of The Hottest Celebrities In Their Hottest Club Gear!

Celebs love partying. You are not left out as well if people pay you to do it too! Because of that, we see them out all the time. Let’s enjoy the hottest pictures of celebs out on the town in their skimpiest, flashiest outfits.


ashantiAshanti – It’s good to see that Ashanti is still looking kinky despite not doing much these days. That’s great, hope she as saved up from those days.

coco amber

Coco and Amber Rose – Two of the most famous hip-hop honeys here hugging up on each other in their skimpiest late night get-ups. That’d be a wild one. Where on earth is Wizkalifa?

meagan goodMeagan Good – Ok, she’s now given her self to the Lord (Oh’ gracious God) and we just gave our hearts to those wonderful legs. That’s a miracle for chizzy. We wonder if she still hits the club as much if she’s out praying all the time.

dolicia bryanDollicia Bryan – Brings out her best dresses for the club. She never misses. Great goodness she’s breast up.  Bow Wow’s ex-boo keep making it rain…


Mya – She doesn’t need to drop an album. All she needs to do is keep hitting up those clubs in tight a$$ outfits to show off those cakes and thighs.

kim kardashian

Kimmy Cakes – She definitely earned it. We hope she wasn’t trying to shake her that THING in this. Someone might get hurt.

Nicki Minaj – Nicki’s rocked more caked out outfits in her time and it’s good and fun. Can’t complain about anything Nicki wears (you all know that). Nicki’s just the Minaj we all know right?

You wanna keep fit? Check out your favourite stars!


You think celebrities are just born fit? Nope, they spend most of their time working out and eating healthy. (And getting surgery…but that’s for another time).
Don’t believe us? Here are pictures of the lovely ladies of show business getting fit and trim while working out. And yes, there are some sexy ladies included. In light of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we hope these pictures encourage you ladies to stay focused on your health and well-being!


 Jennifer Hudson has lost a ton of weight (no pun intended), and she’s sharing the wealth by getting kids to work out, too. Good for her.



Halle Berry’s got a kid. She’s almost 50. And she’s sexier and fit than most 25-year-olds. she’s either at the beach, with her kid or working out..

Jennifer Lopez  is the epitome of a sexy, fit woman. She manages to stay fit while not losing any of the booty meat. What’s the secret

Rosa Acosta – If there’s anyone that loves showing off her workouts, it’s Rosa. She is always stretching and showing the importance of yoga. Don’t you like that?

Ciara – You don’t get a six-pack like that without working out all out. This photoshot is from a video, but the fact that she can pull of the one-handed push-up shows how strong she is.

Celebs Love Jumpsuits (From Casual Cotton to Sequins Galore)!

If there’s one item of clothing we’ve seen all summer, it’s the jumpsuit. Though the one piece can scare some people off, celebs show it can be rocked for every occasion. Keep it simple with a casual khaki style and sandals or go for a full on glam look with bow details and sequins like Iman and Jennifer Lopez.



Jennifer Lopez jumpsuit


Kim Kardashian jumpsuit


Iman jumpsuit


Beyonce jumpsuit


Penelope Cruz jumpsuit


Don’t you wanna rock this before the summer ends?


Kim Kardashian’s $18 Million Wedding Day Profit: 5 Marketing Lessons!

Kim Kardashian might be famous for dating black male celebrities and flashing major cleavage, but her business sense is sharp and also to be applauded. No stranger to selling herself well, the sex tape scandal star turned reality TV queen has worked her marketing magic yet again through her love life. Capitalizing mightily on her recent marriage to Kris Humphries, it is estimated that Kim was able to produce most of her $10 million celebrity wedding for free. She (and the corporate interests behind her) also stand to make $17.9 million off the nuptials — in profit. If you look at the total value raked in by the Kardashian clan for her heavenly union, that’s almost $30 million in cash, goods and services. How was a relatively talent-free but very pretty woman able to do this? There is something to be gained from mimicing Kim’s self-promoting genius. Her wedding is a case study of business wisdom we can apply to everyday scenarios.


  • Tap Your Personal Life to Promote Your Business

Kim Kardashian and her entire family have built their empire on over-sharing the intimate details of their lives. Her wedding is no different. In fact, by exposing every element from the proposal to the wedding shower, Kim was able to build interest for the big event (and sell every moment in the timeline). In her article on Kardashian’s marketing acumen, Marianne Bickle writes: “One of the best marketing tactics is to… Let people and organizations know what your business is about, how you benefit the community and upcoming events. Toot your horn so that the entire world may hear the music.” Your level of sharing might not be as high as Kim’s but your brand will benefit from spreading knowledge of as much of yourself as you can in a positive way.


  • Explore the Power of Brand Bartering

It is reported that most of the priciest elements of Kim Kardashian’s fantasy wedding were given to her for free. Her $20,000 wedding cake? A gift. High-end $10,000 wedding invitations? Comped. A hefty $60,000 for three coveted Vera Wang gowns (one for the ceremony, two for the reception)? Also gifted. A staggering $400,000 on champagne, and $150,000 on grooming services. Free and free again. The $50,000 bachelorette party? You get the idea. Why would luxury companies be willing to give all this away? Because of Kim’s extensive over-sharing on reality TV, the proprietors of these brands know their products will receive relentless exposure. If you can make your brand powerful, you might be surprised at what you can cop for nothing from companies that want to associated with you — and of course gain exposure when you share personal information with your networks.


  • If You Can’t Get if For Free, Get it Cheaper!

Kim might be a self-marketing master, but there were some retailers who were not willing to totally succumb to the power of her international brand. Most notably, the providers of her wedding bands and engagement ring, Lorraine Schwartz, is reported to have discounted the $3 million cost considerably. While she did not get them for free, a reduction from millions is not small change. Consider asking for discounts and services when working with vendors, especially if your brand brings something powerful to the table.


  • Titillate Your Audience & Tell a Good Story

One of the most dramatic elements of the Kim K. wedding story is the broken love affair of Kim and Reggie Bush. We all followed with bated breath while Kim put the pressure on Reggie to give her the ring. We sighed and pondered her merits as a potential wife when he wouldn’t do it. Some of us even cheered when she found another man. This epic tale told through the tabloids is another element of Kardashian’s marketing plan. Not only is the juicy story of her love life entertaining– it’s also free publicity for her businesses. Business writer Bickle adds: “All forms of positive publicity are important. Consumers are eager to be reminded of exciting events, have their minds taken off negative aspects of the economy and learn about savings or events that will benefit them.” How can you tell a compelling story and generate a pleasing diversion through your media sharing?


  • Sell Anything You Can!

Be creative about product lines in your business, just like Mrs. Humphries. Kim and her team sold her engagement photos for $300,00, her bridal shower photos for $100,000, and of course scored $1.5 million for photos of the wedding. There biggest gain will come from the $15 million price tag on the wedding video, which will exclusively air on E! in October. Not bad for a wedding you didn’t pay for. While your personal moments caught on tape might not fetch such a staggering amount, it is likely that there are products and services you could be selling but aren’t because you have not considered every possibility. Rethink your options and add as many product extensions to your core business as you can.