Amber Rose has been reported to be pregnant and its great news for the engaged couple.

They are really happy about starting a family together and who knows, they might tie the knot soon


Is Brizzy And RiRi Back Together?

Well, those two crazy kids finally did it…

Rihanna and Chris Brown finally dropped their songs together – “Birthday Cake” and “Turn Up The Music” – and they set the internet on fire! If you think these are just meaningless songs then you’re out of your mind. Rih Rih and Breezy may have been sending each other some pretty personal messages on these songs.

We here did some heavy listening and we think we caught all the secret and not-so-secret references. Take a look and add some, too!

Rihanna – Birthday Cake

Bet you wanna put your name on it
Put your name on it
Come and put your name on it

Put your name on it? What name? you mean like a tattoo? Like the one Breezy got of his girl?

Breezy – Birthday Cake

Girl I wanna f*** you right now (right now)
Been a long time, I’ve been missing your body

We bet he does miss her…

Rihanna – Birthday Cake

Ooh baby, I like it
You’re so excited
Don’t try to hide it
I’mma make you my b****

We think they’re past the point of “trying to hide it” don’t you think?

Chris Brown – Birthday Cake

Ain’t new to this but you the s***
Damn, girl you pretty

..we know you aren’t for sure!

Rihanna – Birthday Cake

Remember how you did it?
Remember how you fit it?
If you still wanna kiss it
Come, c-come and get it

…No too much details, we remember all that.

Chris Brown And Rihanna – Turn Up The Music

I can see it in your eyes
You want a piece of me
So let’s do it tonight and do whatever it takes to make it right

Is making a song together “doing whatever it takes”.

Rihanna – Turn Up The Music

I love you baby!

You can hear her say this at the end of the song…smooth move, Rih Rih.

Tuface Idibia Proposes On Val’s Day?

We weren’t there but got informed that Tuface Idibia just proposed to his long time girlfriend and mother of one of his children, Annie Macaulay(good to know that). He reportedly proposed to her at Club 10 V/I  on Valentine’s Day. The photo above was taken immediately after he proposed a few minutes ago (So we heard from our source).

What a happy moment for the couple on Val’s day..

We smell good things happening to the couple this year…Nice one Bro!

These Ladies Looking Super Hot On Valentine’s Day!

These ladies make Valentine’s Day particularly special…

There’s nothing better than having your boo thang dress up super special for V-Day. These stars play that dress up game, too. Just check out their stunning nightgowns and lingerie they rock. Some of these outfits aren’t even being worn on Valentine’s Day, but they’re festive enough to get a mention.


Kim Kardashian – No red dress, but she’s in the mood. Maybe Reggie Bush didn’t want the red touch!

Halle Berry – she always look stunning...

Emily B –  Light, camera, action …Emily we want to see you on RED again maybe a lil bit tighter this time!

Rihanna- We love you RiRi and we hope you have found one on Val day.

Ciara – Feel confident C-BABY it looks great on you, especially on val day..

Genevieve Nnaji –  All we can say is she look glamorous!

Rita Dominic – We just can’t get our eyes off you Rita..

Chanel Iman –Keep smiling to the camera with that love thang. The red surely looks outstanding!

Tonto Dike – Not on red but you look good T!

Zoe Saldana – We love the Red on you any day anytime!

Mario Balotelli Surely Know How To Chop Those Cakes!

Mario Balotelli is young, rich and a star in the making. The British press chronicles every one of his strange antics, but the goalscorer insist he’s not as crazy as everyone thinks.

What is beyond doubt is that the 21-year-old Manchester City and Italy star enjoys the high life. He drives fast cars and dates beautiful women. Among them are models, actresses, model-turned-actresses and actresses-turned-models.

Sophie Reade and Faye Evette Betts had a falling out over the FA Cup hero at the beginning of the year. Balotelli is now reportedly dating Italian actress Rafaella Fico, but was reportedly spotted on a secret date with model Holly Henderson early this month. Only the player knows how serious he is (or has been) with any of these women.


1. Sophie Reade

She is 22, a model and a winner of the hit British television show Big Brother.

2. Faye Evette Betts

Faye Evette Betts and Reade were best friends until Balotelli came between them.

3. Sara Tommasi

Balotelli was linked with Italian model and actress Sara Tommasi in early 2011. The 29-year-old Tomassi made her film debut in the 2008 film Ultimi della classe. Tommasi reportedly dated Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho when he played for AC Milan.

4. Holly Henderson

Busty British model Holly Henderson and Balotelli reportedly went on a date in early November 2011. Henderson was called a porn star in the Italian press, but she denies working in adult movies.

5. Raffaella Fico

Balotelli and 23-year-old Italian model Raffaella Fico are currently dating. Fico is famous in Italy for starring on the Italian version of Big Brother. Fico also dated Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. Fico allegedly attended scandalous parties at Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s mansion. In Sept. 2008, Fico offered to sell her virginity for one million euros.

Is Jealousy The Real Reason Behind Seal And Heidi Divorce?

Sucker Seal and his nothing a$$ career was the blame for the split between him and his German wife Heidi Klum:

Seal’s jealous rages drove a terrified Heidi Klum from their bed, say sources, as the super-model jettisoned her hubby of six years. That’s the shocking real reason be­hind the collapse of the union that was thought to be one of Hollywood’s happiest, insiders say. “The split had actually been coming for years and poor Heidi was the one who had to hold the marriage together,” re­vealed a source. “The bottom line is that Seal is incredibly jealous of his wife’s success.

“His career has been off the radar for years while Heidi’s star continues to skyrocket.” The 38-year-old “Project Runway” host reportedly earned a stag­gering $20 million last year. Meanwhile, Seal – who was busted for drugs and promot­ing prostitution while a struggling singer in London in the 1980s – had his biggest hit, the Grammy-winning ballad “Kiss from a Rose,” way back in 1995.

“Heidi told Seal that he didn’t even have to work, and she’d be happy with him just looking after their kids,” said the source. “But Seal didn’t want to play Mr. Mom, and they had huge knock-down, drag-out fights over it. “Heidi hoped that Seal’s role as husband and fa­ther would take the edge off his greed and envy. She was constantly telling him how important he was to her and the children. “But instead of gratitude, he repaid her kindness with furious arguments and embarrassing tantrums.”

The couple had their final blowup during the week after New Year’s when Heidi was filling in the family calendar for 2012 and Seal exploded, according to the source. “He really hit the roof,” said the source. “They argued for two full days before Heidi decided to call it quits.

“She told a friend, ‘I just can’t take it anymore. I never know which Seal I’ll be coming home to – the lov­ing husband and father or the raving madman who resents anything I do.’”

5 Tips To Break Up With A Woman.


  • Give her adequate face time

You may be tempted to deliver the news and then get the heck out of there, but there’s nothing worse than bringing up the subject when you don’t have adequate time to discuss it. Yes, that means you will have to talk to her and you might have to witness some tears, but it’s the right thing to do.




  • Don’t be cruel in the name of honesty

Women need “reasons” so they can accept the breakup and move on. Don’t be spiteful or hurtful when you give reasons to her. Getting broken up is insulting at some level and just being rejected feels bad enough. So why make the person feel worse? No woman wants to hear that you’re dumping her because she has bad breath, or that she’s no longer attractive to you, or you’re insanely attracted to her best friend. These kinds of reflections shouldn’t be shared.




  • Don’t freak out if she gets emotional afterward

Women are reputed to be the more sensitive gender, remember? So yes, there’s a chance that she might start sobbing or screaming (and you need to let her do whatever it is instead of trying to calm her down). If she gets hostile or weepy, stay calm and let her get angry or hysterical for a little while; because you’ve been thinking about the breakup for weeks, she heard about it 10 seconds ago. If she gets more and more worked up as the minutes pass, however, take your leave and give her some time to adjust to this new information. Before walking away, however, set a specific time to talk later to give her security that you’re willing to explain yourself and listen to what she has to say when she’s calm.




  • Don’t use that “It’s not you, it’s me” line on her

Everyone knows that if someone leaves you, it’s because you’re not who that person wants to date and it’s just the bottom line. Anyone on the receiving end of this line can see through it. A better phrase to utter might be, “Who you are and what you want are absolutely terrific, but where I am right now is a very different place.”




  • Reassure her

One final point is to let her know that she mattered to you.  She needs to know that you didn’t consider her ‘a waste of time’ or unimportant. That will help her risk giving her heart to someone else in the future.



                                                            HAPPY NEW YEAR!


You really won’t like to sleep around. Would you? You’re not accepting dates with other guys but why? You’re seeing just one guy, almost every time. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready for something serious (really shaking….O MY GOD GAHSSS)! There is a difference between dating someone and completely melding your life with his. And when a man is thinking about marriage, or moving in together, or just making decisions with your relationship in mind, there are a few signs that tell him you’re not. Be careful ladies.

  • You sleep at home

Everyone needs few nights alone every week. But, you become stressed at the idea of not being in your own home where you can have your own items, your own space and your own routine right there, that tells him you’re not ready to make adjustments to allow another person into your life. The question is, does it count? Hell yea it does!

  • Most of your friends are single

Or lets say you have couple friends, but you rarely hang out with them. That tells him you don’t identify with “coupledom.” You don’t want to hear about the things couple do together. But if you’re in your own relationship, and you don’t want to hear about the relationships of others, it says to your man that subconsciously you see yourself as being single.

  • He can’t get your attention

He can’t keep your attention for an entire night without you pinging on your BB or phone call from friends. Each romantic, intimate date he plans for the two of you always end up on a boring state of mind.

  • You don’t share your feelings with him

You don’t go into much detail about stress at work, or changes in your family. You don’t share your emotions, how you feel about him and what makes him special. Share your feelings and be with him whenever you are chanced but without all these, you don’t want to let him support you by taking on those feelings with you.

Be careful ladies and learn to trust your Man!

Update: Kimmy Cakes Official Divorce Papers Released And With Statments!

Kim Kardashian Issues Statement About Divorce

Kim has confirmed her divorce from Kris Bumphries in a statement through the network that allegedly helped their short-lived union happen.

The statement comes just minutes after TMZ obtained the divorce documents filed by Kim in Los Angeles this morning.

Kim Kardashian Divorce Papers

(Click here to see the full documents)

The Kardashian’s network home, E!, also issued a statement regarding the un-fairy tale-like ending to their biggest televised event this year:

“All of us at E! are surprised and saddened by this news, and we send our support to Kim and Kris at this difficult time. The Kardashians have always been uniquely open with all aspects of their lives from joyous events to intimate moments to heartbreaking transitions. E! will continue to share the fascinating real lives and larger-than-life existence of this close-knit family.”

 We are sorry Kim and Kris and we give you all the support that you need at this difficult moment….


Sooo Short? Kim Kardashian To File For Divorce From Husband Kris Humphries!

Kim Kardashian To File For Divorce From Kris Humphries

Via TMZ:

Kim Kardashian will file for divorce this morning, after 72 days of not-so-wedded bliss to Kris Humphries … TMZ has learned. We’re told even though the marriage was short, she will not seek an annulment. It’s a garden variety divorce, in which Kim cites “irreconcilable differences.”

We’re told the date of separation is listed as today, Oct. 31, 2011. Kim has hired disso-queen Laura Wasser, who has repped the likes of Britney Spears, Maria Shriver, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Reynolds, and Robyn Gibson, Mel’s almost ex-wife.

As we first reported, the couple has a prenuptial agreement … Kim made sure of that.

Kim you did this before so its no surprise….