The Amazing R.Kelly..

I keep listening, i wanna learn more…..he’s just my inspiration…

Lyrically he touches my soul and performance i just can feel it. The drama tells us that in life you need to be careful. Your decision today judges tomorrow but also against all odds your gift makes you stand out….

The amazing R.kelly…

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Dedicating This To Mothers All Over The World (LOVE)!

What a beautiful song, so touching and make’s you want to dedicate this to the one you love the most. This man is the epitome of a great, dynamic, enigmatic artist. He his a mentor in terms of music.

This is a sign of love to all the mother’s in the world. We want you to know you mean a lot to us and we will always be grateful because no matter how many times we break your heart, you still love us with no regret and you even gave your life just to make us survive and become great in life.

When a woman loves by R kelly!