Gallery Of The Hottest Celebrities In Their Hottest Club Gear!

Celebs love partying. You are not left out as well if people pay you to do it too! Because of that, we see them out all the time. Let’s enjoy the hottest pictures of celebs out on the town in their skimpiest, flashiest outfits.


ashantiAshanti – It’s good to see that Ashanti is still looking kinky despite not doing much these days. That’s great, hope she as saved up from those days.

coco amber

Coco and Amber Rose – Two of the most famous hip-hop honeys here hugging up on each other in their skimpiest late night get-ups. That’d be a wild one. Where on earth is Wizkalifa?

meagan goodMeagan Good – Ok, she’s now given her self to the Lord (Oh’ gracious God) and we just gave our hearts to those wonderful legs. That’s a miracle for chizzy. We wonder if she still hits the club as much if she’s out praying all the time.

dolicia bryanDollicia Bryan – Brings out her best dresses for the club. She never misses. Great goodness she’s breast up.  Bow Wow’s ex-boo keep making it rain…


Mya – She doesn’t need to drop an album. All she needs to do is keep hitting up those clubs in tight a$$ outfits to show off those cakes and thighs.

kim kardashian

Kimmy Cakes – She definitely earned it. We hope she wasn’t trying to shake her that THING in this. Someone might get hurt.

Nicki Minaj – Nicki’s rocked more caked out outfits in her time and it’s good and fun. Can’t complain about anything Nicki wears (you all know that). Nicki’s just the Minaj we all know right?


You wanna keep fit? Check out your favourite stars!


You think celebrities are just born fit? Nope, they spend most of their time working out and eating healthy. (And getting surgery…but that’s for another time).
Don’t believe us? Here are pictures of the lovely ladies of show business getting fit and trim while working out. And yes, there are some sexy ladies included. In light of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we hope these pictures encourage you ladies to stay focused on your health and well-being!


 Jennifer Hudson has lost a ton of weight (no pun intended), and she’s sharing the wealth by getting kids to work out, too. Good for her.



Halle Berry’s got a kid. She’s almost 50. And she’s sexier and fit than most 25-year-olds. she’s either at the beach, with her kid or working out..

Jennifer Lopez  is the epitome of a sexy, fit woman. She manages to stay fit while not losing any of the booty meat. What’s the secret

Rosa Acosta – If there’s anyone that loves showing off her workouts, it’s Rosa. She is always stretching and showing the importance of yoga. Don’t you like that?

Ciara – You don’t get a six-pack like that without working out all out. This photoshot is from a video, but the fact that she can pull of the one-handed push-up shows how strong she is.