The 5 Most Annoying TV Characters of All-Time!

Steve Urkel (Family Matters).

Who would’ve thought that the geeky nerd of a family sitcom would take over the show? The ridiculous antics of Steve Urkel and his catch phrase of ‘did I do that?’ soon became the focus of the show. After nine seasons, sh*it gets really annoying. When you have an episode that involves Urkel going up into space, the character has long passed jumping the shark.

Ally McBeal (Ally McBeal)
This chick’s a boner killer, big time. While some thought her quirks were cute, we thought she was just plain annoying. Many critics also thought she was demeaning to career-minded women.
Fran Fine (The Nanny)
The nasally voice of Fran Drescher will haunt my ears for all eternity. That distinctive, unsettling laugh could send shudders for miles. She may have been a lovable nanny to the Sheffield kids, but it is really hard to get over that irritating cackle. It makes Urkel’s chuckling snort sound like the songbird of our generation in comparison.
Brian Griffin (Family Guy)
Though both Brian and Stewie carry considerable amounts of irritability, Brian is by far the most annoying. The character who was once the voice of reason has mutated into a political soapbox for the writers. For an animated sitcom trying to be funny and offensive, Brian sticks out like a sore dewclaw. Maybe if he actually copped a BJ from Lois he’d shut the f*ck up.
Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory)
Why would anybody put up with this guy? The man isn’t really threatening anybody with horrible consequences if they don’t succumb to his every OCD need. It makes no sense why this group of friends wouldn’t rise up and throw him out. Maybe there was an episode I missed when a guest was murdered for sitting in Sheldon’s favorite chair.